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    the timless trinket 535

    is it better than lfr hydra trinket for affliction?

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    I'm guessing that Talimar is asking for a link to the trinket that you made an entire post to ask about.

    So just to clarify: He's asking for a link to "the timeless trinket 535" that you vaguely mentioned in your first post here.

    Let me know if I wasn't clear enough and I'll try to simplify some more if need be.

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    Its a terrible trinket for Affliction. Crit is our worst stat.

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    Unless you truly have nothing better or it's a massive ilvl upgrade (I'm talking about 30+ ilvls here), don't bother with that trinket.

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    Looks really terrible, any of the ToT trinkets (normal or heroic, especially if upgraded) should indeed be better.

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