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    Warlords of Dreanor AND The Dark Below??

    Maybe they announce both?

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    We shall see...

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    Wasn't The Dark Below trademark dropped?

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    Give up on the Dark Below, it wasn't a real trademark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harmonious View Post
    Give up on the Dark Below, it wasn't a real trademark.
    They can't the denial has kicked in.
    Don't blame the casuals for making Warcraft worse. It's the unskilled masses who refuse to improve themselves and Blizzard who has decided to bribe these folks with an endless shower of purples that should draw the ire of both casual and hardcore alike. It was never about "seeing the content" for these people it's always been about the gear and their sense of entitlement.

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    "The Dark Below" is the thing that gets out of your ass when you poo.
    Coming after "The Dark Below" is "The Roll on the Side". It's used to wipe your ass after you pooed.
    After that, there is "That Thing Behind". Highly needed to water down the mess "The Dark Below" and "The Roll on the Side" left behind.
    Just in case "The Dark Below" was a bit sticky, "The Brush on the Floor" will be a handy backup.
    And if "The Dark Below" was a real stinky one, "The Spray on the Shelf" will only leave a heavenly smell behind.
    10 years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash. Now we have no Jobs, no Hope and no Cash.

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