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    How to solo Kael'thas Sunstrider with hunter?

    I want to kill Kael'thas Sunstrider with my hunter to try get Ashes of Al'ar.
    And someone told me that I Can't kill him while my pet is on , because If i'll get MC'd the boss will reset.
    Is that true?

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    Just go in and try to nuke him. I didnt follow any kind of tactics when I went there. Just nuke

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    Yep, same for warlock. But you easily can handle this fight even without pet (but choose something else than bm :P)
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    Depends. If Kael is facing one or more targets he will use the MC on you, which lasts for like 20-30 seconds or something. If during that time you kill your own pet and there is nothing else to kill, he will reset. If your pet survives, the MC drops and you can continue to bash Kael's skull in. Using Stampede right before the phase might work, otherwise dismiss your pet before the final phase and nuke him down solo.

    On my lock I always summoned Wild Imps and Terrorguard right before the phase, at least one pet always survived long enough for the MC to drop.

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    dismiss pet right before u kill the last advisor, then just nuke him down, i assume ur lvl 90
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    What If I'll tank the boss instead of my pet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sabag123 View Post
    What If I'll tank the boss instead of my pet?
    Just go and try it, its stupidly easy

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    you can prepull kaelthas with AMOC(the best use of this terrible spell)

    the dmg will carry over, and he'll be at ~80%

    you can LOS kaelthas behind a pillar and keep your pet tanking/killing him

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    You have three options:

    1. Don't use a pet when you're actually fighting Kael. If you have a pet out, whether or not it's tanking it, you can get MC'd.
    2. Burn him down so fast that he never gets a chance to cast his MC. Your goal is to get him to 50%, at which point he stops casting MC. Any decently geared/skilled player should be able to do this with no problem.
    3. Line of Sight his MC. Let your pet tank Kael while you are off around a corner. Wait for him to say "Obey me!" or "Bow to my will!" and then move in and DPS him for 20 seconds and then wait for his next MC call. If you find that you are still getting MC'd, then you need to choose a different corner to LoS him.

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    3 ways.

    1. Nuke
    2. Go without pet
    3. Have pet tank him and go LoS before he casts mind control. This was the only way to do it at 85, and I still do it every week on hunter.
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    As long as you keep the aggro on him he wont use MC, just remember to turn growl off before kael activates

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    DBM Suppose to tell me when he'll cast MC'D?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicocba View Post
    As long as you keep the aggro on him he wont use MC, just remember to turn growl off before kael activates
    I don't believe this is true. My paladin's Ghost Iron Dragonling never pulled aggro on Kael back at the start of the expansion, but it sure did cause me to get MC'd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sabag123 View Post
    DBM Suppose to tell me when he'll cast MC'D?
    Not necessarily. I already explained exactly how to handle MC. You Line of Sight Kael until you see him yell out, "Obey me!" or "Bow to my will!" When you see one of those, you have about 20 seconds to DPS him before you need to break line of sight again.

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    If you can, go in as Marksman spec, when you pull the boss he wont engage immediately, a couple seconds in he will send 1 of his 4 advisors to attack you 1 at a time. The first one puts a bleed on you and punts you, my recommendation is go back to far back wall (opposite of where kael is, closer to where you came in to his room) then wait for the advisor to get to you and kill him. Then he will send his 2nd advisor at you, this guy runs fast and he fears constantly.. just kill him next to the first guy. Soon as he drops get back to where Kael is ASAP, the next advisor is a girl that does a combustion that disorients and knocks back (the most annoying one in my opinion) Kill her quickly, she has no health. Dont get close to her. Then lastly, the 4th advisor puts a debuff on you that stuns you every couple seconds.. kill him QUICKLY. Soon as he dies, Kael spawns several weapons, just AOE it all down. Now depending on how fast you kill weapons you shud be chilling for about a minute, at which point Kael will ressurect all 4 advisors to attack you. Position your self at max range of the mage chick, opposite side of where the advisor that stuns is (the last guy you killed) Pop all cds soon as she rezes and burn her, next kill the guy that stuns, then the guy that fears (the paladin looking dude).

    Now should only be 1 guy left, IF you have the debuff that stuns, I recommend you dont kill the last guy until its about to wear off. Kael engages the moment you kill him. Dismiss your pet at this point as well, once you kill the dude kael will run at you. Just burn him down no strategy to it, save your silencing shot for when he casts pyroblast. Keep in mind you cannot interrupt it, until you break his bubble which is fairly simple.

    Hope this helped

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    You can also LoS Kael if you fight him outside the room. You can kill command from out of Los. Just be carefully when he blinds the pet and come after you. Was soloing since first Cata tier that so way so I imagine its way easier now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nicocba View Post
    As long as you keep the aggro on him he wont use MC, just remember to turn growl off before kael activates
    He'll MC you even if you're his primary threat target if any other attackable targets exist

    Quote Originally Posted by sabag123 View Post
    DBM Suppose to tell me when he'll cast MC'D?
    He casts it randomly.

    Anyway, I don't think that nuking him down would be all that difficult of a prospect... I don't imagine he'd hit a level 90 particularly hard.
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    This goes only if your level 90 and lower ilvl (like doing <80k dps). The safest method for me was being BM and just do it normally. However after advisers and kael comes out, pop all your cds (stampede, crows, etc) maybe get a shot or 2 while running behind a pillar. Just stay LoS at a pillar and keep spamming KC. Should only take a minute, and chances are he will MC the first time with a stampede pet.

    That or go nuts with stampede/crows/etc and pop it all. Chances are more than likely youll get him to 50% really fast no matter if 90.

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    You don't need a pet at all. Just remember to equip the staff and use its buff.

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    So just to make sure , If I don't have pet and he MC'd me , He'll reset?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sabag123 View Post
    So just to make sure , If I don't have pet and he MC'd me , He'll reset?
    If you don't have a pet, he won't MC you.

    If you DO have a pet and he MC's you, you will kill your pet and then the fight will reset.

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