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    Quote Originally Posted by sabag123 View Post
    I want to kill Kael'thas Sunstrider with my hunter to try get Ashes of Al'ar.
    And someone told me that I Can't kill him while my pet is on , because If i'll get MC'd the boss will reset.
    Is that true?
    During last boss, after you've killed all 4 of his bodyguards at once, put your pet on passive until he comes back down from levitating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belloc View Post
    I don't believe this is true. My paladin's Ghost Iron Dragonling never pulled aggro on Kael back at the start of the expansion, but it sure did cause me to get MC'd.
    It's mostly true. Guardians tend to bug it out for some reason, but proper pets should be okay. I regularly solo'd this on my warlock for a while at 85 with Felhunter for interrupts. I'd keep him on passive til I got a good threat lead, then send him in to attack and wouldn't get MC'd.

    Wild Imps and one or two other guardians on other toons (I forget which) have caused me to get MC'd though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    Last time when I tried to solo KT as lvl 90, I was not able to kill boss without that tactic. They would CC me to hell. Monk atleast.

    You certainly cant 2 shot any of those assistant, and boss has even more hp.
    They have 191k HP in P1. My KC frequently crits for over 200k, maybe slightly less without raid buffs. That on top of a double damage bite (full pet focus bar) and followed by an arcane shot... you can easily do it, even with quite a bit worse gear than me. 3-4 shot, at most. In P3, you deterrence the first round of CC's as they stand up (mostly remote toy), and bestial wrath out of a fear if you need to. The only thing you'll get hit with is fear or conflag, both of which have a fair CD on them.

    Obviously the boss has more HP, but that isn't relevant to what we were talking about.

    BM with spirit bond standing behind a statue just spamming kill command will kill him in short order. Step out for a mend pet in between mind controls if needed. Any spec can do the fight with ease.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    Last time when I tried to solo KT as lvl 90, I was not able to kill boss without that tactic. They would CC me to hell. Monk atleast.

    You certainly cant 2 shot any of those assistant, and boss has even more hp.
    If anyone is having trouble with being CC'd, you can use the strategy where you pull boss, then run out and stagger the advisors as they come.

    1. Pull the first one (slow guy) out to the entrance of the instance (or rather just run there and wait for him to show up - but don't get knocked out of the instance).

    2. Stand there and wait for second guy to reach the entrance (It's okay to plop them both here as the first guy is much slower).

    3. Once he's dead, run up towards Kael's room. You'll meet the mage chick about halfway there, so kill her when you run into her.

    4. Run with the engineer up near Kael's room. Get him low if you want, but don't finish him off until your remote toy debuff is without 15 seconds or so of fallling off.

    After doing it this way, when they rez after you've killed the weapons, you can just kill them one at a time, as they'll be spread out. Even at level 85 in a survival self-healing spec (on my warlock) I had the dps to only face one at a time and I could handle that, so as a 90 you should have no problems surviving even if you can't immune their CC's.

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    Really isn't any need to pull them all over the instance. Simplest is to clump up the 3 melee guys behind the boss, and pull the caster to the entrance of the room.
    That way you can easily start on killing her at start of p3 while the other 3 waste time running over to you.
    I used to solo the fight every week with 5-7 chars this way, different classes/specs, I even solo'd the fight with lvl 85 disc priest (twinked with 415 gear + 442 weapon) multiple times doing just that. Funnily, it was my 85 priest who got the drop... just like with Karazhan mount <.<

    And as mentioned before, for p4+5, you can easily just put your pet on stay+passive behind the right statue out of line of sight & stand on the other side of it & pew boss to death, Spirit Bond is all you need to stay alive.

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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6we4wO48h4 simple video here .. I am still in the process of getting the ashes . So each week still killing him. Also after phase 2 of kael fight starts were he runs back to the room and shatters the ceiling you can summon pet at that point. having potion and warlock candy helps for heals before then. The video involves running out of the room before it locks then running back toward entrance of tk. Spacing out the generals as you kill them .

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