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    WoD Bear Priorities/Rotation

    Just trying to get my WA setup/wishlist completed; Does this look correct for a priorities list?
    - Also, am I correct in that Faerie Fire no longer applies any debuff whatsoever?.. it seems to just be a ranged spammable threat mod/dmg for bear (or glyphed 3sec silence, 9sec CD atm) ?

    Priority list:


    Lacerate (for 1 stack of debuff [Multistrike for +%Stam buff])

    Thrash (for debuff [Just the bleed now I assume, and for the +0.333~RPS generation per target])

    Dream of Cenarius ((Spell: Healing Touch --- if less then 5 seconds remaining on buff and I have the talent))

    Lacerate (for 3 stacks of debuff)

    Pulverize (requires 3 stacks of lacerate, 10sec buff, ..Only Cast IF buff not already up. - also, only show IF I have this talent, otherwise hide.)

    Dream of Cenarius ((Spell: Healing Touch --if I have this talent, otherwise hide)

    Lacerate (for rage)

    (((Cooldown section, more for visibility and partial priorities.. obviously Stampeding roar is not a defensive CD exactly)))


    Survival Instincts (if sitting on 2 charges)

    Bristling Fur (if I have this talent, otherwise hide)

    Might of Ursoc

    Survival Instincts (if only 1 charge remaining)

    Stampeding Roar

    Also from what I can tell, we will want to get ~15 multistrikes in a 30 second period to get the 15 stacks of 2% HP boost.. which I believe caps at 30 as well...?
    - Lacerate uptime at 27 ticks in 30 seconds (losing 3 ticks from 3 theoretical pulverize removals.
    - 6 Mangles (worst case, obviously more likely to be 8-10 ish)
    - 12 melees (2.5 attack speed currently on beta,, 2.3 with haste gets us 13 melees.. but lets just say 12 for ease.

    = 45 *hits* per 30 seconds.
    if we need 15 multistrikes in that period.. how much MS do we need?

    My understanding of multistrike is that.. if we have 10% MS.. then we have 2, 10% chances to *multistrike* for 30% dmg..
    Does that mean that.. somewhere between 17-20% of the time we'll multistrike?
    if so.. then I could argue that we'll need..
    15/45 = .3333~ / 2 = 16.666667~% multistrike to cap this out regularly.
    Is this semi correct? eg.. go for 17-20% multistrike and then no more..?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thoughts anyone?
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    That would be 10% chance to trigger up to 2 additional attacks that deal 30% dmg of the initial hit.

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