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    Do you think blizzard is capable of finally making a good expansion? (the dark below)

    The majority of people who played since tbc or earlier agree that TBC was the golden era of WoW. Do you still think blizzard can make The Dark Below atleast nearly as good as TBC? Since Wotlk the number of subscribers is in steady decline. This is due to many reasons but one of them if not the most important is that the game simply keeps getting worse.

    The sub numbers are already at quite a very low point. Now if TDB will be similarly bad to MOP it might be the downfall of WoW forever.

    So do you think Blizzard will do their best this time and make and awesome expansion to try to raise the subs number as much as possible? Or do they just dont care anymore and are happy with current number of subs ?

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    WotLK was the best expansion and the Golden Era of WoW, but MoP is actually quite cool, I like it! But, want to see the next expansion and I hope it's as awesome as WotLK was!

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    Are... are you actually asking US about YOUR opinion?

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    Ok "Blizzardnonentertainment" what would make the game better for you because everything aside from dailies in MOP I have really enjoyed. If they can replicate the fun of MOP but have a better alternative to daily quests at launch then I will be happy.

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    Thank you, Nether - I was going to post that but phone crashed!

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    MoP was the greatest xpac ever! TBC was bad!

    But in all seriousness, the game has changed, people have changed, it's a different group of players now, the graphics are old, blah blah blah, pick any reason you want and harp about it, the game may be great, but it's in steady decline because of age, nothing else.

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    I played TBC, and whilst the content was "okay", it was severely limited by attunements and such. For me, that made it pretty terrible and far from the "Golden Era of WoW". So, for me, I hope they simply keep going and getting better as all the expansions have imo. MoP wasn't great for Alts, but it wasn't that bad either - especially compared to Vanilla and TBC at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endre View Post
    WotLK was the best expansion and the Golden Era of WoW, but MoP is actually quite cool, I like it! But, want to see the next expansion and I hope it's as awesome as WotLK was!
    You mean TBC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endre View Post
    WotLK was the best expansion and the Golden Era of WoW, but MoP is actually quite cool, I like it! But, want to see the next expansion and I hope it's as awesome as WotLK was!
    Gotta agree with him. Like it's all about personal opinion on which expansion was "The Golden Era", but the numbers was the highest in WotLK.

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    Sub numbers will never be what they were and the reason is simple - WoW is old. Most people who want to play WoW already have, and started back when they were in high school/college, since moving on when they get careers/families. This is just the natural progression of things - it is not due to the game getting 'worse' as the game's quality is very much an opinion - many players think the game is better than it has been in a long time, even if those players aren't the ones who are very vocal on forums and such.

    As to the question do we think they're able to finally make a good expansion - I'm confident they'll continue improving. BC was the golden age for me, because that's when myself and most of my friends were in college, with a lot of time on our hands, and thus our guild was a very strong community - by WotLK we all started getting married, having kids, etc. and the community dropped off. That said, the only expansion I just didn't enjoy itself was most of Cataclysm.

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    Well most of us on the forum are still playing aren't we?

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    I honestly miss TBC I had felt like I earned my gear, and was proud to wear it.

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    Lol the people who think TBC was the best needs to take of their nostalgia glasses, including the OP.
    MoP shits all over TBC when it comes to quality, in all areas.

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    MoP was an excellent expansion. If you hated it because of pandas, you missed out on some of the best raiding ever.

    If TDB comes out as great as MoP, I'll be a happy Panda.

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    i thought TBC was the worst, and was nothing close to a "golden era". lol. see how opinions work? the only thing that is not good right now is the community. MoP is amazing, but too many people wanna to ruin the experience for others. not sure what is so enjoyable about that.
    Quote Originally Posted by ablib View Post
    I do realize that this is an internet forum full of morons, however in real life, no one questions me, people look to me for the answer, look up to me, trust me. To have dipshits on a video game forum question me, is insulting.

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    MoP is a good expansion? The only shit one was cataclysm post launch

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    The 'Golden age' for me is Mists, I've had a lot of fun and made some great friends. All of this is subjective, since for me a large amount of subs =/= a good game.

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    Nice troll post. Original and witty troll name.


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    MoP was a decent expansion and I have high hopes that they will make an even better one if the theme is right, the Panda theme kinda held MoP down imo.

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    the best expansion? i doubt it.
    Good enough for me to keep playing? most certanly

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