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    And lets not leave out white hair for the undead.
    We have some really out there colors (green especially) but no white.
    And give us a long-stringy style as well.

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    I want beards for Troll males, and longer beards for all races. I'm talking Gandalf beards; not silly mutton chops/goatees.

    As for hair styles, i'm hoping that with the model updates they'll give all races the Worgen/Pandaren-style hair with movement physics.

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    Those hairstyles looked pretty great; i'm playing a Blood Elf female at the moment, which will be unlikely to change until the model updates come and all races, old or new, are on an equal footing in terms of appearances. Just goes to show that they took the easy way out and slapped the old style of hair on them however.
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    I would welcome huge amount of hairstyles just for having options. Not that i personally like afros or any "cool" hairstyles, ie. i would prefer my draenei having "normal" ponytail, not some teenage whore belf one. I want practical and non-flashy hairstyles.
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