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    Voided - how to get back on track?

    Hello there mighty heroes,

    I have came back to WoW after a little break. My current ilvl is 483. From my personal observations there is nothing I can do right now to catch up with the rest of the players/guilds in order to taste SoO. And I am talking about LFR only. I feel like I've been voided or smth during those 2 patches of absence. Atm no-one will invite me to join any Normal raid (current tier), not to mention HC ofc. Is there any way to boost the gearing progress as to reach 520 at least? Heck, I have been away for a little bit, maybe there is some wondrous way I am not aware of.

    Kind regards,
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    Wait for next season's honor gear and wait for the timeless isle to grind out 535 gear, and get started on the cloak. Doing anything these two last weeks is pointless. LFR won't even be out the first week of the patch so you have a whole week to grind out enough honor gear/535s to get your ilvl high enough.

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    As Thelxi said, just get whatever you can now and just wait till patch hits on 27th and then get the new honor gear + Timeless Isle gear to boost your ilvl. Until then just work on whatever part of the Legendary questline you can so you have that much done at least. Then in the next patch finish it up in ToT since everything will drop in there.

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    LFR and troves of the thunderking next week, as well as getting mogu runes and killing Nalak and Oondasta. (kind of sucks, idd) There also seems to be a chance for 516 gear in (hc) scenario caches.

    Forgot: valor gear. It all takes a good few weeks..
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    1. Do Barrens quest to get 502 boots asap.
    2. Buy Mogu Runes of Fate
    3. Do Galleon / Sha / Oondasta / Nalak every week. Spend coins on Nalak / Oondasta.
    4. Do LFR every week and spend the last mogu rune.
    5. Cap valor and buy 522 gear. Also only upgrade pieces of 522 itemlevel or higher.
    6. Do a heroic scenario once for the quest, and then once every day thereafter for 516 gear.
    7. Spend the rest of your time doing arena with your approximately 20k conquest cap for 496 pvp gear.

    This should get you to 500 itemlevel, which should be enough to get you into a ToT pug.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarashi View Post
    From my personal observations there is nothing I can do right now to catch up with the rest of the players/guilds in order to taste SoO. And I am talking about LFR only.
    Siege only requires an item level of 500 to access via LFR. Between the free 496 gear on Timeless Isle and the reduced Valor cost of the current tier's 522 gear once the patch lands, you can easily catch up well before the first wing is even available.

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    Oh wow, I did not expect such a prompt advice. I will most definitely work on the parts you've mentioned above.
    I would like to thank each and every one of you.

    Have a great one.

    Kind regards,

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