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    I still fire up Might & Magic 6+7 from time to time. They hold up for me.

    Morrowind is also by far the best Elder Scrolls (IMO of course) and you can get mods to make the graphics better which is a plus.

    +1 on Fallout 1/2 (i like them far more than 3), BG 1/2, DK 1/2, Arcanum (i just assume this is mentioned somewhere), Thief and of course the best strategy game ever TA (try supreme commander or an open source project called Spring if TA feels too dated). I had a lot of fun with Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, plays similar to Dishonoured and is made by the same devs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borntobe View Post
    Doom 3 + expansion
    kotor 1 & 2
    half life series
    Doom 3 a "classic"?

    Oh kids these days...

    Try Syndicate.
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    6 pages and nobody has mentioned Sanitarium o_O?
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    Sorting by genre:

    - Dune 2
    - Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer Red Alert: The first two games from each series. After that there is a steep drop-off. Also, Kane is just badass.
    - Warcraft 1,2,3

    Point & Click Adventures:
    - The Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate is the best of these in my opinion. This is one game, that i probably could write you a full game guide from memory after all these years.
    - Syberia 1 & 2: Beautiful art design and a nice (but somewhat melancholic and sad) story.
    - The Day of the Tentacle: Oh the glorious days of Lucas Arts adventures! If you want to play the prequel (Maniac Mansion), you can actually do this in the game (somewhat at the beginning, you can access a computer which will start the game. "Yo dawg, i heard you like games. So we put a game in your game...")
    - The Secret of Monkey Island: Another one from Lucas Arts.

    - Half Life
    - Doom 1 & 2
    - Wolfenstein 3D & Return to Castle Wolfenstein

    Flight Simulation:
    - Wing Commander 1 & 2
    - X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter
    - Rebel Assault: While the gameplay is somewhat lackluster, this game set a milestone in terms of graphics (although, they kinda "cheated")

    - Need for Speed: A milestone back then.
    - Micro Machines V3: One of the best party games. Must play with friends in multiplayer.
    - Bomberman / Dynablaster
    - Bubble Bobble

    Jump 'n' Run:
    - Prince of Persia

    - Civilization 1 & 2
    - The Settlers

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    Definately the old command & conquer games! And also starcraft

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    They've been mentioned a couple of times so far, but The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey are (imo) the pinnacle of classic PC adventure gaming.

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    My favourite
    Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
    The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery
    Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned

    i wish they would make more games like these

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    Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn

    Superb story and a great game overall.

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    Guys i am disapointed that you forgot....COMMANDOS!!!!!
    1 is hard 2 is very well done (and other parts...exept last commandos kinda sucked).

    Also MDK 1 + MDK 2 , Gunman (like half-life), x-3 series, postal (original) and 1 of the most fun fps shuters (also bloody):

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    Haven't anyone here mentioned Twinsen's Oddisey!?

    wow I just learned that this game changed the name XD. In Brazil it was Twinsen's Oddisey, so more of you might recognize by Little Big Adventure 1 and 2 XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by juggerneat View Post
    6 pages and nobody has mentioned Sanitarium o_O?
    This is actually on my wishlist, but I'm in the middle of Wizardry 6-8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zilong View Post
    Haven't anyone here mentioned Twinsen's Oddisey!?

    wow I just learned that this game changed the name XD. In Brazil it was Twinsen's Oddisey, so more of you might recognize by Little Big Adventure 1 and 2 XD
    LBA is a great game, though some people did get annoyed with the 'running into walls' thing. I didn't mind it back then, and I guess it adds to its charm today, at least for me. It also has a fantastic soundtrack.

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    Can't be arsed to check if it was mentioned already, but Full Throtle.

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    While we're onto nostalgia...

    Manic Miner
    Jetset Willy
    Sabre Wulf
    Lords of Midnight

    You'll need a zx spectrum emulator, though

    Seriously, though:

    Space Quest - Roger Wilco was awesome
    Dune 2
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    Probably mentioned already but - Legacy of Kain series. You can start at Soul Reaver 2 if the graphics of the older games seem too bad for you.

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    Heroes of Might and Magic 1-4
    Silent Hill 2, other SH games are good too but 2 is just the best of them
    Unreal Tournament
    Command & Conquer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel Tyrael View Post
    Can't be arsed to check if it was mentioned already, but Full Throtle.
    Mmm, Loved Full Throttle. Talk about a bad ass main character.

    Wing Commander 3. This game was freaking amazing lol.

    And i'll say it again, X-Com UFO Defense and X-Com Terror From the Deep.
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    Red Alert 1-2
    Warcraft 1-3
    Tiberian Sun
    Counterstrike 1.6
    Dungeon Keeper
    Hitman Blood Money
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    Quote Originally Posted by Staalie View Post
    Fallout 1 and 2
    Those games still confuse the living shit out of me.

    I think FF9 was released on PC at some point, definitely a must play.

    Of course the Baldur's Gate series as well and Diablo 1 & 2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazuli View Post
    I think FF9 was released on PC at some point, definitely a must play.
    No, it never was, though there were plans for it.

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    uh oh, don't know how I could forget (again, not sure if mentioned already)

    Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3.

    Specially 2, you have to play it, it's a fantastic game.

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