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    How does an...

    Achievement whore like me, get back into the game after having not played since the early release of Terrace of Springs patch ?

    Feels like I'm miles behind for everything now, not knowing where to start... argh >_<;

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    Behind her rifle, in that tree you just passed.
    Get your butt over to battlefield barrens immediately since it will be gone in 5.4 and make sure you did eternally in the vale achieve that will be a FoS too. Other than those two limited time engagements, you can take your time piddling around with 5.1 and 5.2 dailies and achieves. FYI if you liked Krasarang Wilds pristine and undefiled, 5.1 stuff thoroughly wrecks the coastline in the western half of the zone.
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    And the Season 13 get 25k Conquest Points will be a FoS too. =)
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