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    I'm trying to remember the last time I actually spit water out of my mouth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironjaws-Mike View Post
    Now I want to tame a chair as a pet as I ride on my Bench-mount, and become the fourth new spec for hunters; IKEA-Master.
    Haha. Blizz, make it happen.

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    nice so just send pet to quest while you rest on the "mount"
    Same Shit Different Day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glurp View Post
    You'll be fine you have traps and MD.
    Plus we can cast on the move! We're invincible!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Syraen View Post
    ROFL awesome.

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    I doubt hunters will get much sympathy, not from me at least.

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    Great post man; it caught my eye the moment MMO Champ website popped up. This post made my morning, tysm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farora View Post
    I doubt hunters will get much sympathy, not from me at least.
    Why, because hunters have one strong pvp expansion? BTW this is a pve topic, if you think hunters are op there, lmfao, just, lmfao.

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    ...and here i was thinking BM stood for Beast Master...not Bench Monkey :P

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    Definitely got a good laugh over this

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    I must admit I laughed quite a bit!

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    Showed this to my guildies. No one but the other hunter in guild got the joke. -_-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ickabob View Post
    Showed this to my guildies. No one but the other hunter in guild got the joke. -_-
    they all did, they just didnt want to show you where you going next tier. my RL loled for like 1 hour. in raids ppl ask for repair mount he was asking me for a bench mount on every boss. on top of a bench bot.

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    omg, just an awesome post! love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thalin View Post

    Sorry couldn't resist. Joking to help ease the pain...
    Well done, good sir. Well done.

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    oh boy, you got me good! i was thinking we get a actual mount

    this reall hit me harder then it should have, keeping the underlying sadness in mind. my hats of to you good sir, very well done and thanks for the good laugh!

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    Is it a two-seated mount so we can share it with WW monks?

    - Is it my turn to throw out the bench?
    - Nah it's my turn. You did last time, remember?
    - Oh right. I got short memory, sry.

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