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    [TV] Dexter Vs Game of Thrones??

    Hello Guys,

    There are lot of interesting TV series launched till a day!! Guys tell me which series is best according to you Dexter Vs Game of Thrones?? Share it guys!!

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    Breaking bad both.

    If i had to chose. I would probably go for Dexter. I find GoT boring at times. Way to much politics.
    I would however not compare the 2. Way to different

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    Game of Thrones. Hands down.

    Dexter, to me, is like every other TV Show; predictable. Game of Thrones is a major serial drama/action series that will literaly keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time you're watching it.

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    Dexter, GoT, Breaking Bad
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    Game of Thrones, but they are very different type of shows. Both good though so just watch both!

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    I've got to go with GoT.

    Dexter is a great show but its just gone on for a few seasons too long. Seems like its really dragged out (have not seen the last season yet).

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    Quote Originally Posted by glowpipe View Post
    Breaking bad both.

    If i had to chose. I would probably go for Dexter. I find GoT boring at times. Way to much politics.
    I would however not compare the 2. Way to different
    I agree ;D But I think vs threads are against the rules since it will just be fans of each one bashing the other.

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    I hope you paid the iron price for starting this thread.

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    They are both good shows but I'd rate Game of Thrones higher on my list.

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    Game of Thrones... didn't like Dexter at all.

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    Agreed with the general consensus here. GoT is a better show. I like Dexter, but GoT is a lot more gripping. Both are well worth watching however, but if you have to pick, GoT.

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    I love Dexter and I love Game of Thrones but GoT is now ranked higher on my list.

    Dexter is still a great show though and you should watch both

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    Dexter's best seasons have provided for some incredibly satisfying television, but those have only been a few of them (Seasons one, two and four). Pretty much every other season has been ridiculously stale though. So while the best of both are on par with each other, I'd say GoT edges out ahead by virtue of the fact that it's consistently good (although the season 3 scenes with Khaleesi were just a tad underwhelming).

    Like other people have also said, Dexter can really be predictable at times, whereas GoT constantly has you at the edge of you seat, and its storytelling is also a lot more believable, so to speak. Dexter has M-99'd one too many people in broad fucking daylight for the show to be anywhere near even remotely feasible.

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    Both are good but if I had too chose => Dexter

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    Game of Thrones is my favourite of all time, but I also love Dexter.

    I'm trying to get into Breaking Bad, 4 or 5 episodes into series 1, I'm not finding in that interesting, but I'll keep at it.

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    Personally, I think the first few seasons of Dexter > Game of Thrones so far. I think the focus on fewer characters allows Dexter to tell a much tighter story and lets the viewer to become much more invested in the characters.

    But maybe it's just because the emotional impact of the big shockers in GoT has been lessened since I read the books first.

    That said, they are both excellent series and you should watch both if you have the opportunity.
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    Both are good but Game of Thrones is probably the best series on television at the moment.

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    Dexter has been bad for years now.
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    Game of Thrones now. Dexter just got worse and worse as it went on.
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