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    Idea to make Gilneas an actual Alliance zone. (Long)

    Introduction :

    -This suggestion is a concept idea for Gilneas becoming a full Worgen starting Zone (and not just a phased level 1-10 that ends up with an unknown fate) and how it can hold the next Alliance major city without causing problem with the leveling progress. Also inside you will find what ideas I’ve implemented to keep this zone crowded and busy.

    -Seeing as how certainly a lot of work was done to bring us the amazing zone of Gilneas, and the unique architecture of the buildings, the great scenery and the epic story that made Gilneas fans hungry for more. I feel like it is an insult not only to the fans but to the artists who spent countless hours on Gilneas itself, and the coders and level designers who worked hard on bringing us this zone just to see it becoming an empty zone devoid of life.

    -after reading a lot of posts made by Horde players I’ve also realized that Undercity, a very popular city by Horde players, is left empty after Cataclysm introduced the portals to cata-zones. And the lack of important NPCs also serves to discourage people from going to Undercity. So in order for my suggestion to be beneficial to both the horde and alliance fans I’ve decided to write a scenario in which the starting zones of Worgen and Forsaken become the main focus of the game. This suggestion is about the Worgen side of the scenario.

    -during this scenario the Worgen will retake Gilneas and the Alliance will initiate an invasion to retake Lordaeron, this event is known as “the Lordaeron crusade”. Gilneas and Undercity will both get portals to expansion continenets and will have all the services SW and Org provide as main cities. This way we will see more players spending time in these two capitals.

    -also, one main goal of this suggestion is to suggest an alternate leveling zone for Worgen, in which they’ll take back their land from the Forsaken and will have a place in the game instead of having a tree in Darnassus.

    -If anyone is interested in writing a horde version to the story that focuses on Undercity and Silverpine I’ll be happy to co-operate with you.

    -earlier in this suggestion many people asked the reason for martial law at Gilneas, at first it was due to war but it was pointed out that this is not a very good reason for heavy martial law. so here is a new version :

    Shortly after Tess Greymane and her royal guards arrived at Gilneas City and took control of Gilneas Mainland a group of human assassins disguised as city folks and town guards attempted to assassinate Tess. the attempt failed but the assassins managed to get away. With not evidence to point out who these assassins were Gilneas City is now under heavy martial law to prevent any similar attempts.

    Overall layout :

    Based on the problems the current zone of Gilneas can cause if it becomes playable I’ve decided to split the zone in two sections and turn Gilneas into two separate zones so that Alliance players will reach level 20 while inside Gilneas, and will go to either hillsbrad or silverpine forest for their 20-30 leveling.

    Northern Headlands, Northgate woods and The Headlands with will become “The Gilneas Headlands” and will turn into a 12-20 leveling zone. Also, “The Headlands” will be bigger than what it currently is, in order to better represent how Gilneas was portrayed in pre-cataclysm maps. The Gilneas itself will be named “Gilneas Mainland” and will be the 1-12 leveling zone.

    Major Alliance characters in these two zones are :

    1) Princess Tess Greymane is the commander-in-chief of Gilneas forces in the absence of her father. Her troops form up the majority of the Alliance forces in the region and consist of mainly human Gilneans, worgen fighters mostly follow Darius Crowley and have refused to act against Sylvanas because of the truce their leader made. However after the forsaken attack the Headlands they will join the fight.

    2) After the Sunreavers were exiled from Dalaran, Vereesa Windrunner has taken it on herself to deal with the atrocities of the forsaken and aid the Alliance forces however she can. She commands the silver covenant forces that are stationed at the Highlands, their air force and arcane strength serve to counter Forsaken air forces and the plague.

    3) Lynore Wyndstryke commands the 7th Legion forces. Her forces include Dwarven siege machinery and the gunship Liam’s Vengeance which is built in honor of Gilneas’ deceased heir. The Gunship operates in the Highlands.

    4) Calia Menethil is said to be hidden somewhere at Gilneas protected by the alliance's most trusted agents. She is sought after by Sylvanas, who wants to turn her into a forsaken and crush any hopes that lordaeron royalists have for a new kingdom.

    5) Lorna Crowley resides in the Greymane Manor, seeking to create a poison that can be used against the forsaken.

    6) Darius Crowley currently resides at Gilneas Headlands with what followers he has after the Gilneas Liberation Front disbanded. They are keeping a watch forsaken activities up north and countering any attempt by their agents to infiltrate Gilneas.

    I'll try to create a map of this new zone soon.

    Gilneas Mainland :

    Gilneas Mainland is the first zone, I introduce the areas in the order of quest progression. You, unlike the previous Worgen character, are not among the refugees that left Gilneas for Darnassus and instead will be part of the militia that remained in your homeland. The story picks up right where Horde’s story in Cataclysm left off, Gilneas Liberation Front retreats back from Silverpine and is disbanded to make way for a more organized force led by Tess Greymane who has recently came back from Darnassus bringing fresh Alliance troops with herself.

    Duskhaven Ruins: (levels : 1-5)

    Area description :

    Hayward Fishery, the only place that was left untouched when Duskhaven sank, is now taken over by the Naga who are using the site as a base of operations. Not only that but they are doing strange experiments which has caused the ghosts of the drowned to appear in the submerged ruins of Duskhaven. ghosts of those who have drowned when the village sank into the waters. If this case happens to be true then Gilneans will have more reasons to drive the Naga out.

    Quests :

    This is your starting area, you and your quest giver captain Mathews Kinlan are tasked by Lorna Crowley to clear the waters and make preparations for an important delivery. The stagecoach stops on the hill overlooking the submerged town, you leave the stagecoach and Kinlan tells the driver to wait for them. then proceed to monitor the situation.

    (Q1-1 ) Kill 5 Drowned Ghosts.

    Although the Drowned Ghosts do not seem to be hostile towards the living, Captain Kinlan does not want to take any chances. you are told to clear some of them out while the Captain figures out the reason for their sudden appearance.

    (Q1-2) Follow the essence of ghosts.

    You noticed that upon killing the ghosts their essence leaves their bodies and floats into one of the submerged buildings. you decided to investigate.

    -Destroy the strange device.
    -Bring a piece of the device to Captain Kinlan.

    You find that a device of unknown origins is harvesting the ghostly essence. can this device be connected to the sudden appearance of the drowned ghosts?

    (Q1-4) Talk to Kinlan near Hayward Fishery

    Kinlan recognizes that the device is of Naga origin as he has seen their equipment when he was a sailor. Kinlan tells you to follow him while he swims to Hayward Fishery.

    once there both of you find out that the Naga are keeping a whole bunch of these devices at the Fishery. Kinlan tells you that the Naga are up to no good and no matter what their plans are we must stop them.

    -Use the hand grenade to blow up the devices.
    -Kill 8 Naga.

    With the devices destroyed and a few of them killed the remaining Naga retreat into the waters and leave the fishery.

    (Q1-6) Wait with Mathews for the delivery.

    as you and Mathews wait for the delivery to arrive Mathews tells you that Lorna senses a traitor among us. and it is very likely that the details of this delivery is known by our enemies, in the end he tells you that you should be on your guard.

    a small boat approaches from the myst, carrying three people. a cloaked figure with a hooded head and two members of the SI:7.

    (Q1-7) Accompany Kinlan to the stagecoach.

    After a brief dialogue the five of you proceed to walk to the stagecoach. only to find the driver dead and the stagecoach damaged. a group of hooded assassins appear out of nowhere and ambush you.

    in the end both SI:7 agents end up dead and only you, the hooded figure and Kinlan remain.

    (Q1-8) Hold off the assassins while Kinlan repairs the stagecoach. The hooded figure takes shelter within the stagecoach and you are left alone to defend it.

    after killing the fifth assassin you ride shotgun with Kinlay and reach Greymane Manor with haste.

    Greymane Manor : (levels : 1-5)

    Area description :

    After she was kidnapped and then used as leverage against her father, Lorna Crowley has taken the abandoned Greymane Manor as her new shelter. Guarded by Crowleys’ most trusted guards, she spends most of her time studying the Forsaken in her Manor trying to develop new methods to be used against them.

    Greymane Manor will now have a secret passage to the Headlands. Players will assist Lorna Crowley in developing new weapons against the undead while questing in The Headlands.

    Quests :

    (Q2-1) grab a couple of books from the old library.

    While Kinlan is busy making preparations for the journey to Gilneas City you will be tasked to accompany Lorna and help her with her study. this is where players actually have dialogue options to find out what happened to her and her father after the kidnapping. Lorna then asks you to grab some old books from the library for her to study, you will then find out that Lorna is working on a poison to use against the forsaken.

    (Q2-2) Follow the guard.

    Kinlan approaches the two of you and tells you he has found out that a guard is not keeping up to his schedule and leaves his post from time to time for unknown reasons. you will then ordered to follow the guard and see where he goes.

    you follow the guard to the basement and discover that he has been mesmerized by a dark ranger hidden at the wine cellar. The hypnotized guard tells her the details of the plan to deliver -her- to the Gilneas city, much to you surprise the dark ranger was already aware of your presence, a fight ensures but in the end she manages to stun you and disappear.

    (Q2-3) Report to Kinlan.

    you run back to Kinlan and report your findings but find Kinlan's second in command. he tells you that Kinlan left with the Stagecoach minutes ago and if you don't hurry they might be dead already. he then runs off to organize a search party to investigate how the dark ranger had infiltrated the manor.

    Q2-4) Reach the Stagecoach.
    you grab the fastest horse and ride to reach the Stagecoach only to find it broken and under attack at the fork just above the Queens' gate.

    (Q2-5) Kill the assassins.

    After your timely intervention the assassins run away and escape south towards Stormglen, The remaining guards abandon the stagecoach and take it's horses to escort the hooded woman to Gilneas. before departure she thanks you and departs with the rest of the guards.

    Koroth’s Den : (levels :5-6)

    Area Description :

    South of Gilneas, on the hills overlooking Stormglen Village, the Ogres have blocked the road to the town demanding money from travelers. It appears that Koroth Hillbreaker is getting more and more greedy and has now forced his own henchmen to pay him tribute which has led the poor Ogres into beggary.

    Quests :

    (Q3-1) Accompany Kinlan to Stormglen.

    Captain Kinlan is relieved that the target is now safe on her way to Gilneas. but he tells you that he will not rest easy while those assassins are still operating this deep in Gilneas. so he asks you to accompany him to Stormglen and find out their whereabouts.

    you cross the bridge south only to face a lone Ogre beaten badly and left near the road to die. upon asking the Ogre he tells you that their leader, Koroth the Hillbreaker, has trouble copping up with the lack of food that the "giant earthquake" caused and is forcing other Ogres to give him their food. sometimes he even eats Ogres that he doesn't like so Ogres are now desperately trying to grab whatever food they so that the Ettin doesn't eat them or their family.

    (Q3-2) Grab 8 Crocolisk meats.

    Kinlan comes up with an idea to get the Ogres on your side and finish the Ettin off for good. and sends you Hailwood Marsh to kill crocolisks and bribe the Ogres by the meat to get them on your side.

    -Feed 5 Ogres.
    -Kill 3 Ogre enforcers.

    You are then sent to Koroth's lair to feed the weakened Ogres while fighting off Koroth's brutes. after coming back to Kinlan you'll see a group of Ogres gathered near him and awaiting your arrival.

    -Confront Koroth the Hillbreaker.
    -Liberate the Ogres.

    the Ogres give you a few torches and tell you that a few Ogres will throw boulders at wherever you put the torches on. (this is your weapon against the Ogre because the boulders will deal alot of damage.) backed by your new allies you go to Koroth's Den, where the ettin is waiting for you along with his brutes. a fight ensures between the two sides and you will need your torches to kite the hungry Ettin who is chasing you slowly.

    after he is dead the Ogres all rejoice in their own way. and you and Mathias leave and continue to Stormglen, taking care of a serious local issue.

    Stormglen Village : (Levels : 6-9)

    Area Description :

    With Gilneas becoming a respected member of the Alliance and King Wryn’s promise to aid the Gilneans in their battle, Stormglen Village is now turned into a major port to receive Alliance supplies from Menethil Harbor.

    • A Docks is now added to the Stormglen, three ships will set sail from Stormglen Village, one goes to Stormwind, the second goes to Darnassus and the third goes to Menethil Harbor.

    • The Dwarves of Khaz Modan have set up their camp near Stormglen Village, Dwarven transport ships can be seen anchored near Stormglen Village.

    • Stormglen Village will have a portal to Darkmoon Faire Island.

    • Stormglen Village will have all the trainers.

    [I]• Non-worgen players who have just reached Stormglen via boats and have not yet leveled to 5 will receive a whisper from Bobby, a Gnome sitting on a chair at Stormglen tavern. Bobby will level non-worgen players to 5 and will be able to quest at Gilneas easier, he serves to get non-worgen players to the minimum level requirements to start the rest of the questline at Stormglen. players argued that new players might abuse this system but rest assured, bobby wont level anyone past 5 and also bear this in mind that reaching level 5 is not really a hard task. the time that it takes to reach stormglen from other towns somehow equals to what you spend leveling to 5.

    • A group of Naga has taken residence on the shores around Stormglen, players will be tasked to kill them and make the way safe for ships that travel to Stormglen.

    Stormglen Village is designed to become an equal to Goldshire. Players will have enough reasons to stay there and will have an easy way to travel to other cities using ships if need be. It will be a busy port town full of NPCs.

    Quests :

    (Q4-1A) Talk to Willa Arnes.

    Finally arriving at Stormglen, Kinlan tells you to get some rest at the Inn while he talks to some of the soldiers to see what he can find about about the assassins.

    a tired looking Willa smiles slyly when she sees your face and tells you how today has been so chaotic and bad. apparently old Hamond's leg has been bitten off by a giant shark, and just hours after that a drunk Dwarf stormed inside the tavern and caused a mess talking about his friend being bitten by a giant spider...and now a group of drunk sailors are causing a stir upstairs arguing loudly about something. She gives you a pint of Ale and walks away tending to other customers.

    (Q4-2A) Drink the Ale and wash the tiredness of you journey away.

    upon drinking the ale the screen blurs out, once the screen becomes vivid again you'll be phased out of the Worgen-exclusive phase and will be able to see other non-worgen players. from here non-worgen players can also join you in your quests.

    --from here on the zone becomes unphased, meaning that worgen and non-worgen players can see eachother and quest together. non-worgen players can also start the rest of the Gilneas quest chain by talking to Mathews at Stormglen and he will update them via a dialogue (of the things that happened.) and will give them quests. --

    (Q4-1) Speak with Kinlan.

    Now, you are either a new player just joining the questline or a worgen player continuing the storyline.

    * if you are a new player you'll receive this quest by a recruitment ad that tells you captain Kinlan needs a hand dealing with a group of professional murderers.

    * if not then you'll receive this quest after drinking the Ale and you'll walk right to him.

    Mathias Kinlan tells you that a scout named Clive Hart has spotted some hooded men running into Blackwald. and you should speak with him at the newly reconstructed Bradshaw Mill.

    (Optional Quests)

    - Old Hammond's son is standing at the docks, enlisting help to help kill the man-eating shark that had bitten his father's leg off.

    - A drunk Dwarf named Gherren is sitting upstairs at the Inn, asking travelers for help. when talked to he will tell you that his little brother Degner is stung by the matriarch of the vilebrood spiders (Rygna) and the medic has run out of anti-venoms, so the only way to help his brother is by bringing the medic a few poison glands. when asked why doesn't he do it himself players find out that he is actually terrified of spiders. (arachnophobia)

    -- After you help Gherren cure his brother the three of you will go to Rygna's lair and slay her. With Rygna killed Gherren finally overcomes his fear of spiders.

    - A Draenei priest named Nilea, introduces herself as a skilled herbalist but new to Azeroth and asks you how she can reach Blackwald. Once you give her directions you can find her again at Blackwald.

    - A group of Kul'tiras sailors are locked in an arguement with Menethil sailors. you can side with one of the sides and start a fist fight with the leader of the other group. once the other group is beaten and their argument is rendered -invalid- the side that you supported will cheer and it's leader will give you it's tabard as a unique reward. (This is the only way to obtain these tabards. the appearance of Ku'tiras tabard will be different from the rep tabard from Kul'tiras faction if they are ever introduced.)

    Blackwald : (Levels : 6-9)

    Area Description :

    previous home and hiding place of feral Worgen, Tal'doren was briefly abandoned after the liberation of Gilneas and the mass exodus of Worgen to Darnassus. Most banshees have left Blackwald, instead Blackwald is now mostly inhabited by mutated plant life and a few feral Worgen who have turned insane and cannot be helped. Currently Tal'doren houses young Gilnean druids who are studying their druidism in seclusion.

    Quests :

    (Q5-1) Speak with Scout Clive.

    you make your way through Bradshaw Mill where Clive resides. once asked about the whereabouts of the assassins he will tell you that he saw a group of well equiped hooded men heading towards the abandoned Wood's Witch Cabin with haste but warns you that Blackwald is being haunted recently by monstrous plants that devour travelers whole.

    (Q5-2) Find the assassins at Wood's Witch Cabin.

    Much to your surprise, you'll witness a bizzare scene upon entering the Cabin : A lone white worgen with glowing blue eyes and fully dressed in black plate armor is sitting in the middle of room, silently meditating. laid around him are the corpses of the assassins that you were chasing all this time.

    "Do not be alarmed brother." he says in a cold, chilling voice. he then slowly stands up and approaches you, you can smell the stench of undeath filled around him. The white worgen introduces himself as Arash, a Death Knight who has recently returned from Northrend. And that he has chosen to become a monster hunter, traveling around the world and protecting innocent people from dark magic and the horrors that it causes. once asked about the assassins he responds by saying the assassins attacked him without warning, but they underestimated the power of a death knight.

    you loot a letter from one of the assassins, and find out that they were hired by someone at Tempest Keep to kill someone named "C.M" in the letter, probably the hooded woman you defended earlier.

    (Q5-3) Report to Kinlan.With the fate of the assassins revealed you can then choose to stay and help him with his job or go back to Kinlan and report your findings.

    (Optional Quests)

    -If you have given her directions at Stormglen, you will find Nilea being attacked by a mutant plant. once helping her deal with the dangerous plant she will thank you and asks for your help in harvesting five bloodthorn flowers for her research. Once they are harvested she thanks you and departs for Stormglen.

    -Margaret of the harvest is a gilnean druid residing at Tal'doren. You can ask her about the reason for the sudden appearance of the mutated monsters to which she replies that she thinks this mutation has something to do with what the Night Elves refer to as the emerald dream, and because Tal'doren is linked to the emerald dream the nature that sorrounds this place reflects the current state of the emerald dream, which hints that something evil is brewing there.

    She will ask you to accompany her fellow druid, Patricia of the harvest, to search the blackwald and kill some of the plants for examination that sheds some light into the details of this problem.

    -Arash will ask you to gather a few ectoplasms from the few banshees that roam around the place.

    -- Upon gathering the ectoplasms he will then tells you the story of Woods Witch Cabin. A haunting story of Elspeth the Witch who sacrificed her own family to an unknown being in order to gain unholy powers, and when her powers started to fade after decades she started kidnapping many young Gilneans to drain their life and stay immortal, when she was finally discovered she made a deal with whatever unholy power she served and banished from this plane of existence. But despite her disappearance her soul still lingers around here, seeking a way to return and walk the plane of living once more, And he intends to end her evil once and for all.

    --- After hearing the story you can tell him to initiate the summoning. after she is summoned you will use all your strength and kill the Witch. But she is too strong to just die like that. Arash will tell you that she will come back to life each time she dies, unless you behead her and bury her separately from her body. He picks up the body and gives you the head, telling you that you should go and bury her at Aderec's Repose while he goes to bury her parts around Gilneas.

    Note : You will carry the head for a while until you reach Aderec's Repose and bury it there. but every once in a while you'll hear whispers in your head, telling you to just "throw it away." "why carry such burden?" "rejoin us together." your character will also post an emote from time to time, indicating that he/she feels as if he/she is being watched.

    Major Event : Upon your arrival at Stormglen you will see a worried crowd gathered around a crier who will announce that the forsaken have invaded the Gilneas Headlands en-masse, Gilnean troops have retreated back into Gilneas and the battle for Gilneas Headlands is currently being lead by the Silver Covenant and the 7th Legion, with gilnean troops regrouping back at the city.

    Tempests’ Reach : (Levels : 9-12)

    Area Description :
    Ruled by Godfrey’s son Rupert Godfrey, Tempest’s Reach is an isolated town that refuses to accept Alliance rule. They also see Worgen as a threat and have begun to systematically hunt them down and execute them. Rupert is a young man driven to the edge of insanity when he heard rumors that his father was murdered by Genn Greymane, he has since then bunkered himself down at the Lighthouse at Tempest's reach and ordered his father's loyal guards to carry out his orders.

    Quests :

    (Q6-1) Go with Kinlan to Tempest's Reach.

    a now worried Kinlan is reading a letter from Greymane Manor when you approach him. News from Greymane Manor is that with the truce between the forsaken and Gilneas broken, Darius, along with the remnants of Gilneas Liberation Front, have now rejoined battle and are leading skirmishes in Gilneas Headlands. With her father fighting the forsaken Lorna is getting more desperate to complete her research, and has asked Kinlan to find Krennan Aranas who was last seen departing for Tempest's Reach. Kinlan then continues to tell you that ever since Krennan returned from Teldrasil he and Lorna don't see eye to eye about the ethical nature of Lorna's experiments.

    Once you hand him the assassins letter he states that this is more reason for them to go to Tempest Reach, they need to find out who ordered the hit.

    upon walking the road to Tempest's Reach you will find a few Worgen hanged on a tree near the road. Shocked by the scene, Kinlan will tell you to be on your guard and change back to your human form for safety.

    Note : Tempest's reach citizens will attack you when you are in Worgen form. more than that their guard dogs can sense you, so you have to steer clear of them.

    (Q6-2) Find Aranas at Tempest's Reach.

    Once you arrive at Tempest's Reach you will see several dead Worgen hanged in the middle of the town. it seems that Rupert has declared Tempest's Reach an independent town and has refused Alliance calls to let their troops inside his town. more than that he see the Worgen as mindless beasts that killed his father, and just recently he has ordered his men to hunt the Wogen down and execute them. Kinlan will comment that Rupert is beyond saving now, and that Gilneans tolerated his actions before when he expelled the Worgen from his town but executing them in public is a red line that he has foolishly crossed.

    You'll find Aranas standing on a corner, watching the dead Worgen from afar. he'll fill you in on the recent events that took place at Tempest's Reach, players can also ask him about Teldrassil to which he replies that the place was magnificent and the Night Elves are centuries ahead of us in druidism, but he couldn't sit there and enjoy the scenery while his fellow Gilneans were suffering at home.

    Once told about Lorna's call, Aranas will agree to help and leaves for Greymane Manor, leaving you and Kinlan to solve the problem at Tempest's Reach.

    (Q6-3) Find the Worgen imprisoned at Tempest's Reach

    Kinlan tells you that they should stay at Tempest's Reach and find a solution to end this situation, and it doesn't serve both sides any good if Alliance forces attack and take Tempest's Reach by force because many civilians might die as a result.

    He will then tells you to search and find where Godfrey's men are keeping the rest of the Worgen prisoners.

    (Q6-4) -Cause a distraction.
    -Free the Worgen.

    You'll find the worgen prisoners north of the town and inside a giant cage and well-guarded. so Kinlan tells you to distract the guards while he sneaks past them and uses his rusty lockpicking skills to pick the lock and open the cage.

    *you'll need to click on a special crate near the prison cage.

    *once clicked you'll stand on it and shout something to attract the guards.

    *a vehicle panel will open up. and you can use three buttons to keep the guards busy. a metter shows up next to you telling you how intrested the guards are to your ranting. you'll need to keep them on a certain level so that Kinlan can sneak behind them and open the cage with no obstacles.

    (Q6-5) Confront Godfrey at the Lighthouse.

    further away from the town Kinlan is talking with the Worgen prisoners, they agree to help you sneak into the Lighthouse and kill Godfrey.

    you'll move to the Lighthouse, seeing a few checkpoints and guards along the way. however, you'll have to trouble getting past them because upon approach the worgen prisoners will jump on them out of nowhere and will silently kill the guards.

    once you reach the Lighthouse you'll find Godfrey coming out of the building followed by the very same dark ranger that you encountered at Greymane Manor, and you'll realize the truth : Godfrey never went mad, nor did he believe the rumors of his father's murder. all this time he was being controlled by the banshee queen.

    the dark ranger forces Godfrey to attack you and after a hard fight you manage to subdue Rupert and knock him unconscious. But you realize that the dark ranger has fled the scene once again, Your Worgen companions storm into the scene and attempt to kill Rupert for what he did to them. But you manage to convince their leaders to hand him over to the Alliance forces, after a few dialogues they agree to spare Rupert and hand him to the Alliance forces.

    you will loot a letter from Godfrey's body, much to your surprise and shock it is revealed that Godfrey not only ordered the assassination which you prevented but he also ordered Tess Greymane's failed assassination.

    (Q6-6) Go back to Kinlan.

    News of Godfrey's deeds travel fast, Once you return to Tempest's Reach you'll see that Alliance soldiers have arrived at the town and are now patrolling the streets with no complaints from the townsfolk. The area will become unphased and you'll see Tempest's Reach as a friendly Alliance town. You make haste and reach Kinlan, handing him the letter you've just found.

    As the two of you are trying to piece together the evidence you have you see Alliance forces dragging Rupert and taking him to Gilneas City to be tried as traitor. a half-conscious Godfrey sees and begs you to tell them that he's innocent. You and Kinlan interfere and try to convince the captain that the forsaken were behind this and Rupert is innocent but you don't have the evidence to prove it, unable to help Godfrey you watch helplessly as they take Godfrey into a stagecoach and take him to Gilneas.

    judging by the evidence you have gathered so far Kinlan concludes that the assassinations were carried by Tempest Keep assassins by Godfrey's order who was at that time under the spell of the dark ranger. but the forsaken did a very good job by hiding any traces of their involvement : at the moment you have no evidence to prove the assassinations were in-fact carried out by forsaken.

    *Rupert's questline will continue at Gilneas City, but I'm still working on this part so it's not written here yet.*

    *from here on you'll have 3 options :*

    1) go north and do Emberstone Mine quests that are not linked to the main storyline.

    2) go to Gilneas City and talk to Kinlan and start the rest of the main quests.

    3) go to Aderic's Repose to do the side quests there which are also not linked to the main storyline.

    Optional Quest :

    - Once you have brought Tempest's Reach under alliance rule and the area becomes unphased. A fisherman appears at the town in need of help. he tells you that a small band of Naga have set up their outpost on an island south of Tempest's Reach and their experiments are scaring the fish away. you can use the fisherman's boat to get to the island and kill the Naga, you'll also find more of their strange devices. what are they up to?

    Emberstone Mine :(Levels : 9-12)

    Area Description :

    Emberstone Mine is now a fully operational mine under the control of Khaz Modan Dwarves. Gnome workers are working day and night extracting the minerals from the mine. Although it is said that deep within the mine the forsaken have left a dangerous monster lurking around before surrendering the mine to the Alliance. Emberstone town is filled with miners now, and will have a couple of khaz modan guards.

    Quest List :

    (Q7-1) Gather six deer meat for bait.

    Once you’re at the Emberstone village you’ll find out that the mine has just been shut down after a couple of Gnomes went missing last day. You will then be approached by Arash who enlists your aid in finding the monster deep within the mine. first of all you will need a big and enticing bait to lure the monster out, Arash then tells you to bring him six deer meat.

    (Q7-2) Follow Arash to the mine.

    Once in position, Arash tells you that the creature appears to be a San'layn as he is feeling his stench in this place. Once asked about their lore he will reply that most of them were slain during the siege of Icecrown but it is highly likely that pockets of them survived.

    the San'layn comes out of the shadows when the bait is placed on the ground. after killing the San'layn vampire you go back to Emberstone foremaster and receive your reward.

    (Q7-3) Tame the big stallion.

    On your way to Emberstone Mine you'll see Nilea arguing with the stablemaster, the stablemaster is furious and refuses to sell her any horses, stating that his hordes are not strong enough to support her weight and she will break their backs if she mounts them. you can agree to help the stablemaster by taming the big stallion that roams on the plains east of Gilneas.

    Gilneas City : (Levels : 9-12)

    Area Description :

    Gilneas City is the command center of the Alliance Forces in the region and thus serves as the new major city for Alliance. Currently due to martial law, Gilneas City is being ruled by Tess Greymane who is the commander-in-chief of the entire gilnean forces.

    Shortly after Tess Greymane and her royal guards arrived at Gilneas City and took control of Gilneas Mainland a group of human assassins disguised as cityfolks and townguards attempted to assassinate Tess. the attempt failed but the assassins managed to get away. With not evidence to point out who these assassins were Gilneas City is now under heavy martial law to prevent any similar attempts. Thieves and bandits are executed en-masse without trials and every little crime is dealt with extreme force.

    Gilneas itself is now fortified and sand bags are at every corner of the city, city guards have set up checkpoints to search people by random and bystanders are warned to move along. Despite the situation, gilneans support their forces whole-heartedly and every week more ships arrive from Darnassus carrying not only gilneans but night elves and draenei who have volunteered to aid the alliance in their fight with the forsaken.

    NOTE :
    Gilneas will have portal to BC/Cata/MoP/new expansion continent and will have a portal to Dalaran in order to encourage players to stay in the city. it also has every service that Stormwind provides including PVP and raid vendors.

    * Gilneas city boss is Tess Greymane who is located inside the Cathedrial guarded by elite royal guards.

    Quest List :

    (Q8-1) Investigate the strange house.

    Residents at the merchant district are hearing strange voices from one of the houses, you're asked by a concerned neighbor to go inside and investigate because, apparently, the guards are not listening to their complaints. You'll find the house abandoned and in total silence. however you also feel that there is something mysterious, something wrong, about this place. you start to investigate the objects of the house when you come across a perfectly clean portrait hanging on the wall, what's odd about it is that the entire house is covered in dust but the portrait is so new and clean that it feels out of place.

    the portrait shows a seated young and pretty noblewoman, yet the woman seems to carry a deep sadness within her eyes. on the bottom of the frame you see the placard "June Aldred".

    (Q8-2) Show the portrait to the concerned neighbor.

    You show the neighbor the portrait and ask for further information. the neighbor is taken by surprise and tells you that the woman in portrait is June Aldred. apparently months ago she disappeared at the night of her wedding with no trace, and months of investigations by the guard captain had no results.

    you are then sent to her family's house to investigate more.

    (Q8-2) Talk to June's family.

    After telling her family about the portrait in the abandoned house the enraged family tells you that the house belonged to a man called Basil Dixon. whom June complained about several times of stalking her. but Basil went missing weeks before her disappearance under circumstances similar to June's. You will then go to the guard captain to report your findings.

    (Q8-3) Talk to guard captain.

    You speak with guard captain Trevor Macer who harshly scolds you for meddling in the city guard affairs and takes away the portrait, warning you not to interfere with the investigation again. realizing that something is off about this you decide to investigate the captain's house. upon entering the basement you'll find 3 portraits hanging on the wall. you'll look at each of them

    (Q8-4) Find evidence in Trevor Macer's house.

    At the basement of his house you'll find three portraits hanged on the wall above a table filled with maps and notes. looking at the portraits you'll see a portrait similar to the one you had previously found (probably a copy), another belonging to Basil Dixon and the last one belonging to Fiona Macer. you are then ambushed by an angry Macer, upon subduing him you threaten him to tell you the whole story.

    apparently the killer is a very skilled artist, who paints very detailed, artistic and expensive portraits of his victims. you find that Fiona Macer was the killer's first victim, the matter was so personal for Macer that he chose to work on it alone. but it bore no fruit as the killer is very skilled at hiding evidence and disappearing completely.

    you agree to report anything you find in the future to Macer.

    (Q8-5) Give the box of candles to Horadio at Aderic's Repose.

    A candle merchant at merchant district asks you if can you deliver a box of candles to Horadio, the cemetery caretaker.

    (Q8-6) Question the townsfolk about the sewer monster.

    You'll find Arash sitting in a dark corner at the tavern in merchant square, ignoring the curious looks from the townsfolk. he tells you that he is seeking the infamous Gilneas sewer monster, the monster is said to be responsible for a few nightly disappearances but the guards do not believe in his existence. he, however, senses the monster lurking around beneath them, but apparently the townsfolk are too afraid of him to answer his questions and he does not wish to gain the city guard's attention. (he is, afterall, a death knight).

    so you will question several people at his behest, in order to gather information about the monster.

    (Q8-7) Go into the sewers and slay the Geist.

    Upon telling Arash of your findings, he will conclude, judging by the description you gave him. that the monster in-question is a Geist. the corpse of a hanged criminal returned to life with the help of dark magic. you will accompany Arash as he decends into the sewers and look for the beast.

    upon killing it Arash gives you a vial of blackfire, saying that Geists must be burned completely so that they don't return to life. you burn the Geist and leave the sewers.

    * If you encounter June (a rare monster described below in the rare monster section) Arash tells you to leave her alone, stating that though she was raised by dark magic he does not sense any evil in her and instead the player should aid her find permanent peace in some way. if the player kills her he will state this is a temporary solution, and she will find back demanding the answers she seek.

    (Q8-8) Speak with Kinlan at the Cathedral Square.

    You meet with Kindan at the square and just infront of the Cathedral, which is now turned into Tess Greymane’s headquarters. Kinlan tells you that Lady Greymane has summoned both of you to the Cathedral.

    (Q8-9) Accompany Kinlan to the audience with Lady Greymane.

    You kneel before your queen, who on the other prefers a more informal approach. She asks you both to accompany her to the old basement beneath the Cathedral.

    You, Kinlan, Tess and two SI:7 agents make your way into the basement where a blonde haired lady, guarded by a few bodyguards, is awaiting your arrival. She looks at you with her blue eyes and introduces herself as Calia Menethil, the last Menethil heir and the very person that you saved from the forsaken assassins.

    Players have several dialogue options to gather more lore info about her, she talks about how she went to hiding and how she ended up in Gilneas. Calia then departs with her guards to an unknown place and wishes you luck in your battle with the forsaken.

    (Q8-10) Appeal to Tess Greymane to release Godfrey.

    Before you depart, you and Kinlan appeal to lady Greymane and tell her about your version of the story. Tess is lost in thoughts, and after a while tells you that she does not believe in these crimes either but they do not have much evidence to get him out of jail, she however can delay the execution until you find some solid proof.

    She then tells you to go to Halford Ramsey, the famous detective living at Court District.

    (Q8-11) Speak with Halford Ramsey.

    You arrive at Ramsey's house and find him studying about the worgen curse. Ramsey agrees to help you find evidence to prove Godfrey's innocence.

    -Accompany Ramsey to Godfrey's cell.
    -Speak with Godfrey.

    The two of you go to the prison where Godfrey is being kept. Ramsey starts questioning Godfrey of what he remembers while he was under the influence of the dark ranger. after a little questioning he tells you that he remembers something about a house in Gilneas allthough the details are not vivid, the basement of a house in the military district.

    (Q8-13) Investigate the house.

    You and Ramsey go to the house Godfrey mentioned, inside the basement you find a trapdoor leading to the sewers. Ramsey picks the lock and the two of you decent down to the sewers.

    at the center of the canals you find a small camp, guarded by hooded men of unknown affiliation. you kill the men and loot the body of their leader. inside his pockets you find a letter written by an unknown person telling them that Godfrey is taken prisoner by the Alliance and ordering the agents lay low until a new opportunity rises, but there is also something else inside his pockets : an insignia of the Alterac Syndicate.

    You give the items to Ramsey, and he will return to his house to continue his investigation.

    Gilneas Headlands (12-20)

    The Headlands is a mountainous new zone located north of Gilneas and south of Silverpine, it is formed by merging Northern Headlands, Northgate woods and The Headlands together and will be bigger than what it currently is in game.

    The zone is evenly controlled by the Alliance and the Horde, but by the end of the quest-chain Alliance will take full control of the zone and prepares to launch a massive invasion into Lordaeron. Northern Headlands is the final area of questing just along the wall in which the players will assist NPC fighters take control of the southern side of the wall, in the end the battle is officially won by the Alliance but Silverpine proves to be heavily defended, and player will be sent to Purgation Island at Hillsbrad instead to continue questing.

    Areas :

    Aderic’s Repose : (Levels : 12-14)

    Area Description :

    The first place you go when you're at Gilneas Highlands, Aderic's Repose is where Gilneans come to bury their dead, Aderic's Repose is left forgotten and unattended recently due to the war. with the staggering costs of wartime normal people prefer their dead either burned to buried with no costly ceremony, with the exception of the aristocracy who can still afford it. It is now said that a group of necromancers have taken residence in the long forgotten catacombs of Aderic's Ripose.

    Quest List :

    (Q9-1) Bury Elspeth's head.

    after a long journey it's time to bury the head of Elspeth the witch. you dig a grave deep enough and throw the head in, feeling an unknown force threatening you to stop.

    you start to pour piles of dirt on her head while ignoring the whispers in your own, the voices fade away slowly with each pile of dirt that you throw back into the hole. and fade away completely after you pour the last pile of dirt, hopefully her evil powers will fade in time.

    (Q9-2) Question Caretaker Horatio about the necromancers.

    on your way to the cemetery you'll encounter a man who warns you about going into the cemetery. uppon further questioning the man introduces himself as Horatio, caretaker of the cemetery. he then tells you about a group of young gilneans who went deep into the catacombs days ago, they talked about trying to raise the dead and command them to fight the forsaken. Horatio warns them not to tamper with the dead, but he really doubted that the young boys had any necromantic knowledge so he left them to their business. but last night he noticed a strange green light coming out of the catacombs, followed by a couple of terrifying screams. and then after a few minutes the dead came crawling out of their graves, one by one.

    (Q9-2) Kill 8 restless corpses and burn their bodies using Horadio's torch.

    you agree to help Horatio clear the cemetery by killing some of the corpses and burning their bodies while Horadio goes to his house to bring his prayer book.

    (Q9-3) Venture into the catacombs and deal with the necromancers.

    With his book in hand the cemetery partialy cleared you escort Horadio into the catacombs. you'll find the necromancers, now turned into monsters, circled around a bloody altar in a dark hall.

    description of the necromancers : pale skin, burning red eyes. these necromancers do no serve the scourge but an unknown power evil and unholy in nature.

    (Q9-3) Bring the strange tome to Kirin Tor agents at Gilneas City.

    After killing the necromancers you'll find a bloody altar in the middle of the hall. on top of the altar you find a book of unknown origin written in a different language. Horadio tells you to take the book to the Kirin Tor agents at Gilneas City so that they can shed some light about the origin of this book. You'll give the book to kirin tor agents who recognize the tome to be written in demonic language.

    (Q9-4) ask Arash for help.

    Sensing the burning legion's hand at this the leader of the Kirin Tor agents tells you to go to the Death Knight residing at the Tavern and with his help find the person responsible for giving the tome to the necromancers, The Death Knight agrees to help and tells you to meet him at Keel Harbor.

    Keel Harbour : (Levels : 12-14)

    Area Description : Serves as your first town at Gilneas Headlands and is now guarded by Alliance ships and Gnome submarines. Keel Harbor appears to be the main station for Alliance naval ships to dock.

    Quest List :

    (Q10-1) Speak with Anahita Bishop at Keel Harbor.

    After the brief meeting with Calia you and Kinlan leave the cathedral , Kinlan tells you that his presence is required at Greymane Manor. But you should go to Keel Harbor and speak with his old friend, Anahita Bishop, at Keel Harbor regarding recent disturbance at the headlands northwest of Keel Harbor.

    You arrive at Keel Harbor and find Anahita inside the guardhouse, after a brief greeting the two of you hear alarm bells ringing outside and head out to see what’s going on.

    (Q10-2) Defend Keel Harbor from the undead.

    You head outside Keel Harbor and find the guards fighting an army of mindless undead with glowing red eyes. You meet the 7th legion commander Lynore Wyndstrike who tells you to help them defeat the invading undead waves.

    there are various races among the undead attackers, Forsaken, Orc and even some critters such as Murlocs.

    after finishing off the final wave Lynore Wyndstryke and her lieutenants head inside the guard house. you speak with Lynore and find out that there are strange activities happening on the northwest, where a huge fight took place years ago between the Gilnean forces and Horde forces. Lynore Wyndstryke tells you to accompany Anahita to their watchtower overlooking that area and find out what is happening there.

    (Q10-3) Talk to Arash.

    Arash resides at the tavern at Keel Harbor, trying to convince the local population that the "trinkets" they've bought from the local hermit does not repel the undead and they are fooled by a greedy charlatan. He tells you that he has managed to get some people to talk and it appears that there's an old lady at Keel Harbor who sells ancient tomes and charms, however her stuff does not seem to be working and he senses that she is just an old lady selling junk.

    (Q10-4) Talk to Lady Fiona.

    You go to Fiona's shop and ask her if she sold any books to a couple of young men, the old lady scratches her head and tells you she has, in fact, sold a book to the boys you have mentioned. you ask about the origins of the book, to which she replies that she bought it from the old fisherman west of here, down a road that descends through the cliffs and leads to a small fishing hut.

    (Q10-5) Go to the fishing hut.

    You go to the fishing hut and find it abandoned. you enter the house and search the house, finding a trapdoor concealed underneath a rug. you enter the basement and find a bloody altar similar to the one you found at Aderic's Repose.

    You approach the altar, and find another copy of the book. you pick the book up and leave, only to find old Fiona awaiting you outside. she cackles maniacally and goes through a metamorphosis. (she's a warlock)

    Suddently Arash storms into the fight from the shadows, but his surprise attack was anticipated by the warlock. she sends out a wave of chaotic energy and stuns the death knight.

    The two of you get locked in a fight. Arash will help you from time to time, though he is in no shape to fight he helps you by casting anti-magic shield on you when she sends you a chaos wave and dispells her DOTS when she casts them.

    after her death you help Arash up and the two of you inspect the dead warlock, finding a strange stone on her. The death knight tells you to get the stone to Kirin Tor agents.

    (Q10-6) give the stone to Kirin Tor

    you give the stone to Kirin Tor agents and tell them of Fiona and what happened at the hut, the agents thank you for thwarting the burning legion's attempt to gain a foothold in the region.

    -continuation of main story-

    (Q10-7) Go to the watchtower.

    You reach the watchtower only to find it overrun by the same type of undead that attacked Keel Harbor. the undead roam mindlessly and do not seem to be in any way organized. you're approached by scout Greg, a survivor of the Watchtower guards. he tells you that the forsaken are raising the corpses of those who fell at the battle of headlands and send them to harass Alliance forces at Keel Harbor.

    (Q10-8) Kill the forsaken necromancer on top of the Watchtower.

    You're tasked to kill the forsaken necromancer who is overseeing the undead from atop the watchtower while Anahita and Greg kill the roaming undead. after the necromancer is killed the area will be unphased and undead corpses are lying around the tower.

    (Q10-9) Kill forsaken necromancers at the old battlefield.

    Scout Greg tasks you to kill more of these necromancers while he and Anahita go to Keel Harbor and bring Alliance reinforcements. you'll then go to the Headlands battlefield, a new area filled with corpses of dead soldiers and broken siege machinery. This was the site of the previous battle between the Horde and Alliance during the Cataclysm questline. Forsaken necromancers are wandering the area and reanimating corpses to send to Keel Harbor.

    (Q10-10) Operate the Demolisher and destroy the Forsaken Camp.

    While killing the necromancers you notice a single working Demolisher parked at the center of Battlefield, you come up with the idea to use this machine and level the camp that forsaken use as their headquarters.

    (Q10-11) Report to Anahita at the watchtower.

    you destroy the necromancers camp and send them running to wherever they came from, you decide that it is time to report to Anahita and tell her that the forsaken problem is dealt with.

    Lorna's Camp : (Levels : 12-14)

    Area Description :

    Into the hills on the western part of Headlands and just north of Greymane Manor a lies secret passage from the Manor into the Headlands, built by the masons by the order of the Greymane family, this passage had been all but forgotten during the years. but recently however one of the forsaken found the passage and used it to spy on Gilneas activities, but she was caught before she could do more damage. Now Lorna has become aware of this passage and is using it to sneak into the Headlands to do her experiments.

    Quest List :

    (Q11-1) Speak with Lorna at her camp.

    You return to watchtower and find one of Crowley's men waiting for your arrival, he asks you to accompany him and meet with lady Crowley immediately, the two of you take a horse and arrive at the camp with haste. there you see Lorna sitting near a cave with a couple of her bodyguards, there are various equipments around the small camp including a cage and an examination table.

    (Q11-2) Use the tranquilizer on a forsaken herbalist.

    Lorna gives a tranquilizer dart and tells you to use it to catch a forsaken for her to test her poison on. you go north and use the dart to capture a forsaken. (carrying him/her using a wagon attached to you via a rope.)

    (Q11-3) Speak with Aranas.

    You return to the camp and find Aranas and Lorna arguing. Aranas warns Lorna that she is passing a red line by experimenting her toxins on the forsaken, Lorna brushes off his warning by saying the forsaken have no remorse for the living and they do the same to humans. Aranas asks you to convince Lorna to abandon this experiment, stating that they should not lower themselves to this level to defeat their enemies.

    (Q11-4) Gather 5 gloom mushrooms.

    You convince Lorna to lay off the experiments. Aranas thanks you and talks to you both into helping him develop a medicine to strengthen the Worgen against the forsaken plague. You're sent north again to gather gloom mushrooms which Aranas needs to develop his medicine.

    (Q11-5) Bring the anti-venom to Darius.

    Aranas gives you a vial of the mild medicine and tasks you bring the vial to Darius, who now resides at his camp on the outskirts of Northgate Forest.

    Notes :

    * After convincing Lorna to abandon her experiments you'll hear a dialogue between her and Aranas in which Lorna asks him of the consequences should the medicine is administered in high doses. Aranas will then reply that the medicine serves to buff Worgen physiology and it's beastly traits and probably any Worgen who is injected with high doses of this medicine enters a brief period of savagery.

    Crowley’s Retreat : (Levels : 14-16)

    Area Description :

    Trying to weed out a group of forsaken dark rangers, Darius and his loyal followers have set up a camp on the outskirts of Northgate Forest. Crowley's Retreat now serves the main barricade that prevents the undead partisans from reaching Gilneas City. Darius, familiar with forsaken tactics due to his experience at Silverpine, is hunting these rangers down one by one. but for every member they kill, the group becomes harder and harder to deal with.

    Quest List :

    (Q12-1) Get briefed on the situation.

    Darius Crowley has become colder and less merciful after the deal with Sylvanas. he feels as if his love for his daughter has rendered him weak and unworthy among his men, he has lost a bit of his self confidence but does not try to show it infront of his followers.

    Once you reach Darius he tells you to talk to your friend Kinlan and get briefed on the situation.

    The dark rangers have not been seen for a couple of days, which probably means they are up to something bad. you and Kinlan are told to go with Darius and his men into the woods and scout ahead for anything unusual.

    (Q12-1) Find signs of Forsaken activities.

    Upon searching the forest you trigger a trap and fall unconcious, you wake up hanging upside down in the forsaken camp along with Darius and several of his Worgen. realizing that Kinlan is not with you, you conclude that he either evaded capture or was killed in the ambush. you endlessly try to free yourself but the iron chains around your feet and hands prove to be too strong to break.

    The dark ranger leader, accompanied by the dark ranger you encountered at Tempest Reach, approaches Darius and mocks him for his failure. a brief dialogue ensures between Darius and the ranger leader and in the end the camp is ambushed by a group of feral Worgen. outnumbered and overwhelmed, the dark rangers retreat back to the woods.

    Among the feral Worgen you notice Ivar Bloodfang approaching your group, he unchains your group but the dialogue between Darius and Ivar is not very friendly in anyway. Ivar scolds Darius for his failures, blaming their defeat and the forsaken victories on his weakness and the deal he made with Sylvanas. after exchanging a few stinging words Darius watches Ivar depart to the front lines, You are then approached by Kinlan who was responsible for warning Ivar of the ambush.

    (Q12-2) Hunt down a few dark rangers.

    Angered by Ivar's words, a now ticked off Darius briefly tells you find any Forsaken you can around and finish them off. You advance into the woods, and kill a few of the dark rangers before returning to him.

    (Q12-3) Disarm a few traps.

    Kinlan tells you to disarm a few traps while you're in the woods so that no Worgen falls into them again.

    (Q12-4) Beat down the individuals spreading disloyalty.

    You return to Crowley and talk to Kinlan, who tells you that he is concerned about some individuals at camp spreading words about Crowley's weak leadership. Kindlan then tells you to beat down three of these individuals and stop them before they can instigate a mutiny.

    Northwatch Front: (Levels : 16-17)

    (Q13-1) Speak with Lynore Windstryke at the Northwatch Front.

    Area Description :

    Located to the west of Northgate woods near the cliffs overlooking the western shores of Gilneas. Northwatch front is the main frontline for Alliance forces in their fight against the forsaken. recently however with the retreat of Gilnean regular troops the 7th Legion is tasked to hold the front until reinforcements arrive. these reinforcements include the newly constructed gunship Liam's Vengeance along with Silver Covenant forces. the Worgen are not well-organized as most of them either follow Ivar Bloodfang, who does not like to have contact with Alliance forces, and Darius Crowley who has just joined the fight, although the men under him have some morality issues.

    Quest List :

    With his mind at ease and the rumors of mutiny disappeared Kinlan thanks you and tells you to report to Lynore Windstrike at Northwatch Front, the headquarters of the 7th Legion and the main alliance frontline against the forsaken. He himself stays at camp and keeps a watchful eye on Darius.

    (Q13-2) Destroy Artillery Positions.

    You arrive at Northwatch front and find it under heavy attack. after speaking with Lynore Wyndstryke she tells to ride with one of her best Hippogryph riders, Alalea Swiftwind, and drop bombs at forsaken artillery positions, halting the forsaken advancement.

    (Q13-3) Speak to Nimzy.

    You return to Lynore but find her busy planing for the battle ahead, she assigns you to assist a high-ranking (but annoying) gnome Tinkerer called Nimzy with her test flight project.

    (Q13-4) Help Nimzy in her test flight.

    You find Nimzy in the southern corner of the camp, away from battle and safe from harm. She is walking around her flying machine, checking it's parts and testing some of it's capabilities. She greets you in the similar "cheerful gnome" fashion (which is really annoying) totally ignorant of the fight that's happening, she tells you to sit on the gunner's seat and help her test her -next generation fighter jet-.

    Once you sit on the gunner's seat, the UI will be replaced with vehicle UI.

    there are four buttons on the new bar :

    1) Machine Gun fire : fires machine guns at the target the jet is locked on.

    2) Flare : fire a flare and distract enemies, making it harder for them to aim

    3) Missle : Fire a missle at a target of player's choice.

    4) Evasive Maneuvers : signals the pilot to initiate evasive maneuvers.

    once everything is tested she thanks you and tells you to return to Lynore.


    -Help Arcanist Viora contain the plague sludges.
    -Retrieve the 3 shore canons for Nimzy.
    -help master mason Ghandan fortify the walls.

    You return to Lynore awaiting her orders, who tells you that the forsaken is preparing for a major assault and the legion is planning to hold the attack off until Gilnean forces and Liam's Vengeance arrive. she thentells you to assist Alliance personal around the camp for a final throwdown.

    - Arcanist Viora (High Elf Mage) is sent by the silver covenant to study the plague, she can fill you in regarding the plague at Gilneas and the status of their project to find a counter for the plague. once you report for duty she hands you a vial and tells you to use the substance on the plague pits caused by the forsaken chemical bombardment and clean them from the plague. you will need to fight your way through numerous super squishy oozelings and reach the pits. after all 4 of them are contained the oozelings will spawn no more.

    - You approach Nimzy and find her jumping up and down from excitement. she tells you that she has found the location of three of Nicholas Taylor's famous "shore canons". these canons were made by the genius Nicholas Taylor by King Greymane's order before the famous Tinkerer went mad and disappeared from Gilneas. this is considered his last innovation : a very high caliber rifle able to hit like a canon artillery and destroy small boats or tear through infantry ranks.

    Greymane ordered them built when the wall was being constructed in order to deal with any smuggler boats trying to reach Gilneas, these canons however were rendered inoperable due to their recoil as their sheer-recoil kick would break the operator's bones. but she believes that with a little tampering these canons can be very useful if wielded by a handful of strong and tough Worgens. Source of inspiration.

    The 3 nearby shore canons are located on small bunkers on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the sea to the west. you go and check the abandoned bunkers one by one, killing some forsaken spies along the way who are snooping around the bunkers for anything useful.

    - Master mason Ghandon is a very grumpy Dwarf but his skills in masonry are unmatched. he tells you that the walls have sustained heavy damage to forsaken bombardment, in order to repair them he needs high quality stones. he gives a few sticks of dynamite and tells you to plant them on top of giant stones around the base and then bring him 20 huge chucks of stones. (each giant stone creates 2-3 stone chunks.)

    (Q13-6) Bombard Forsaken Positions.

    You and Alalea Swiftwind take to the skies again to bombard the forsaken positions once the battle starts, but on the way your hippogryph is hit critically by a forsaken batrider. your hipogryph falls to the sea northwest of the headlands and near Galewatch Lighthouse.

    Galewatch Lighthouse : (Levels : 17-18)

    Area Description :

    Galewatch is used by Gilnean forces to signal the incoming ships coming through the Bite and guide them to pass it safely. due to the foggy seas of Gilneas and the very dangerous passage of the Bite Galewatch Lighthouse is considered to be the only way a ship can reach north of Gilneas safely. Recently however the lighthouse is left poorly defended due to lack of man-power Gilneas has, many just fled when the forsaken invaded only a handful of people loyal enough to the crown are now operating the lighthouse.

    Quest List :

    (Q14-1) Investigate Galewatch Lighthouse.

    Swimming out of the sea with Alalea and reaching the small body of land Galewatch is located on, The two of you notice that forsaken agents have occupied the Galewatch Watch and killed the handful of humans working there. Alalea tells you that she can use the flare Nimzy has given to hippogryph riders and notify alliance forces of their position but that would also alert the forsaken at the lighthouse, and suggests that the two of you should investigate the lighthouse and find out what they are up to.

    You kill the forsaken captain stationed inside the lighthouse and loot his body, Alalea finds a letter on his body saying that the forsaken are using the lighthouse to signal their small ships containing huge loads of plague inside. if those ships pass the bite they can inflict devastating damage on the alliance fleet stationed in Keel Harbor.

    (Q14-2) put the signal light out and sink the plagueships.

    The two of you reach the top of the lighthouse and kill the forsaken operators, Alalea suggests that you should take out the lighthosue signal light and sink those small ships. you put out the fire and the signal light is no more.

    (Q14-2) Wait for rescue.

    as the two of you reach the entrance of the lighthouse Alalea takes out her flare and fires it to the sky. the two of you speak about the future of battle and a few dialogues are initiated between you.

    suddently an arrow pierces her throat.

    Alalea falls on the ground, chocking in her blood. before you can react the second arrow rips through your leg, you kneel on the ground from pain. incapable of moving, you feel a strange numbness in your leg. your arch-enemy appears before you, the dark ranger responsible for Godfrey's death finally introduces herself as Lady Rochelle.

    She slowly circles around you as you're helplessly trying to take the arrow out. she admires your tenacity but tells you that your journey will end here and you will trouble the forsaken no more. she takes out her knife and approaches you to finish you off right before Nimzy's fighter jet interrupts her. Nimzy's trail of machine gun fire rips through the space between you and Rochelle, she dodges the bullets and vanishes before Nimzy can fire her rockets on her.

    You force yourself into the fighter jet, and the two of you take off and head towards Northwatch Front. On the way to Northwatch Front Nimzy directs you to use her med-kit and take the arrow out, she then tells you to slap some of the "pink gel" on the wound and let it dry.

    (Q14-3) Defend Northwatch Front.

    once you reach the sky above Northwatch you see a vast army of Forsaken troops attacking the base, supported by several small but powerful frost wrymns. Nimzy tells you to use the gunnery skills she taught you during the test flight and help her destroy the wrymns.

    --- Jet Fight ---

    You operate the Jet's guns to destroy the wrymns and weaken forsaken troops.

    part one : bombing the forsaken.

    Nimzy tells you to use the radio and contact her Gnome partner down the base, while you were away Nimzy had managed to tamper with the shore canons you brought and a group of Worgen's can use the canons as artillery provided they know the co-ords of enemy positions.

    Bombard Mode buttons :

    1) Send Co-ords : You select the area forsaken catapults are located and send their co-ords through the radio. resulting in bombardment of that position and the destruction of the catapults.

    2) Flare : every 10 seconds or so a wrymn targets you and attempts to shoot a frost bolt at your position, you need to fire flares and distract it which leads to the wrymn's frost bolt missing you.

    Fighter Mode : Once the catapults are destroyed Nimzy speeds her Jet up, and you enter "Fighter Mode" Nimzy chases the wrymns and you use your buttons to hunt it down.

    1) Machine Gun : Fires machineguns on the wrymn you're currently chasing, you don't have to target the wrymn. once the wrymn takes enough damage it falls to the ground and Nimzy chases after another wrymn.

    2) Missle : Fires a missle at the forsaken bat riders around you, the bat riders damage you slowly by firing at you.

    3) Flare : the wrymns you're not chasing will occasionally try to shoot you down by firing a frost bolt at you, you need to shoot flares before they can fully aim at you.

    4) evasive maneuvers : occasionally bat riders try to mount the jet and damage it using melee attacks, you need to signal Nimzy to use evasive maneuvers and shake them off.

    Once you hit enough wrymns a big forsaken Zeppelin appears before you and shoots you down.

    cinematic :

    A cinematic starts, the scene fades in from your viewpoint, your Jet has crashed into the ground somewhere near the battlefield. you wake up facing the sky, barely alive and too weak to move. you see a massive forsaken gunship floating in the sky above you, firing it's plague canons at Northwatch Front. Northwatch Front disappears in a green cloud of plague, as you hear distant screams from the alliance base you notice forsaken batriders circling above you.

    But as the batriders close in to finish you off they've hit and killed by several white hipogryphs charging into them, you notice the forsaken gunship taking a quickturn and aim it's canons towards an unknown threat but before it ready itself canonfire rips through it and it comes crashing down somewhere in a distance. you gather what energy you have and turn your head a bit to where the canonfire came from, and then you notice Liam's Vengeance approaching the Northwatch Front protected by dozens of silver covenant hipogryph riders.

    your vision starts to blur out, but you fight it to stay alive... a massive hairy figure appears standing before you. allthough you've rarely seen him in his Worgen form but you recognize Kinlan's voice telling you to hold on just a little longer and that help is coming.

    Liam's Vengeance : (Levels : 18-20)

    Area Description :

    A gnome gunship built in honor of Liam Greymane, the deceased heir of Gilneas. Liam's Vangeance is planned to spearhead the assault on Lordaeron and is commanded by captain Bob Schnitsky, A very skilled gnome admiral known for his huge stylish mustache and his oversized cocked admiral hat.

    Quest List :

    You wake up in the gunship's infirmary. along with Nimzy, who's badly hurt but alive. Upon your awakening you're greeted by Kinlan, the very person who saved you and Nimzy after your crash. you ask him about the situation of the war, the 7th Legion suffered heavy losses at Northwatch Front which itself is now badly contaminated by the forsaken plague. the soldiers inside the base are now turned into horrible monstrosities and there's no chance that the Alliance can use it anytime soon. luckily a portion of 7th Legion managed to evacuate before the bombardment. among them commander Wyndstrike, Arcanist Viora and Ghandan.

    Kinlan tells you that Commander Lynore is awaiting you on the deck of the ship, he then leaves the gunship to aid Darius' men in the fight below.

    (Q15-1) Get down and meet with Darius.

    Lynore Wyndstrike notices you entering the room, she congrantulates you on your effort and thanks you for assisting the legion where it was heavily needed. Since this is the first chance you have since the Lighthouse event to talk with Lynore you inform her of the forsaken attempt to pass from the bite, how you destroyed the lighthouse signal and how Rochelle killed Alalea. Lynore nods and tells you the forsaken have grown reckless with their use of the plague, and this will make the war harder. she tells you that the alliance has sent special forces behind forsaken lines to sabotage the plague but whether or not they have succeeded is unknown.

    Captain Schnitsky enters the room and asks Lynore if she wants Liam's Vengeance to divert from it's current path and take out the last forsaken stronghold in Gilneas, located to northwest. Lynore tells the captain that Liam's Vengeance is needed to provide a much needed air support to Hillsbrad and thus sends you down to speak with Darius regarding the last forsaken stronghold.

    You take a hipogryph down and meet with Darius near the ruins of Northwatch Point, Who is at the moment organizing the pack again to reform the Gilneas Liberation Front. he seems more confident than the last time you met him, perhaps the fighting is bringing his mind to shape. he tells you that the forsaken are holed up in a small abandoned manor to the northwestern part of Gilneas, on the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea. but before we initiate the attack we need to clean up Northwatch a little bit, he directs you to go to go to Kinlan and accompany him to Tal'doren to summon the druids of harvest and enlist their help with cleansing Northwatch hold. He also tells you that Arcanist Viora also needs help killing the aggresive plague carriers, infected soldiers who have turned into horrible monstrosities and are now attacking the areas around Northwatch.

    -Go with Kinlan to Tal'doren and summon the druids of Harvest.
    -Help Belysra in her quest.
    -Help the druids cleanse the nature around Northwatch Point.
    -Help Arcanist Viora contain the plague carriers.

    -You meet up with Kinlan again and the two of you set to go to Tal'doren. (game just teleports you there.)

    -You find the newly arrive Belysra Starbreeze inside Tal'doren who is carrying the scythe of elune and talking with druids of the harvest. she greets you and you can ask her to help cure the Northwatch Front, she in return asks you to help her in her personal quest first.

    She has grown wary of the Scythe and it's recent unstability, and has taken it on herself to find out what it is. recently the Scythe behaving weird and unstable due to unknown reasons. she feels as if an invisible hand is trying to force it's way from the other dimention, the emerald dream. you agree to help her in her ritual regarding opening a temporary gate to the dream and see what comes out of it. when asked about the reason for her traveling to Gilneas she states that Tal'doren is very closely connected to the dream and she has noticed that the scythe is more powerful around Tal'doren, they might be connected to each other in some form.

    You have dialogue to ask her about the Scythe, once asked about the recent unstable behavior and it's possible reasons she answers that the abnormal behavior started after the spirit of her lover, Arvell, appeared to save her from Ralaar. and in her opinion Arvell's appearance could've been only caused by the Scythe. The Scythe has the ability to summon Worgen from the emerald dream and Arvell, who used to be a Worgen, was accidentally summoned into this world. but with his physical, night elf form long dead he could not sustain himself and disappeared. She suspects that when Arvell was summoned into this World something else tried to come out too but it became trapped somewhere between the emerald dream and the physical world.

    You agree and make preparations for Belysra to tap into the powers' of the scythe and see what happens, after killing a few mutated plants that crawled out from the portal and just when Belysra is attempting to close the portal a shadowy figure jumps out of the portal and screams in a womanly voice which alerts the entire tal'doren druids. she relentlessly bolts forward and knocks Kinlan out of her way. you and Belysra fight the insane Worgen and manage to subdue her and knock her unconscious.

    Belysra attemps to check the unconscious Worgen while you help a dizzy Kinlan get back on his feet, You realize that Belysra is amazed by what she is seeing : The Worgen is a woman wearing a rusty and torn out Night Elven armor. Tal'doren druids are quick to gather around the beast and use their magic to entangle her, Belysra moves away from the black worgen. noticing that the staff is now calm, she concludes that the worgen was trying to open a portal from inside the dream. however how she got there and more importantly, who she is, is a question that needs to be answered.

    Tal'doren druids tell Belysra that the worgen cannot be talked to at her current state and they should wait for her to wake up. Belysra tells the druids to guard her very close and then agrees to aid you cleanse Northwatch Point. you, Kinlan, Belysra and a small group of druids of the harvest make your way to Northwatch Point.

    -Once some members of the druids of harvest and Belysra arrive at the alliance camp near Northwatch Point you help the druids and Belysra heal the nature around the Northwatch Point by healing the animals and killing the fungi growing around the camp.

    -You approach Viora and accompany her in killing infected soldiers who have now turned into monstrosities with huge fungi grown on their backs. these poor souls are now spreading the plague by attacking the areas around Northwatch Point and spreading the fungi around them. many animals around the base are now infected by the plague.

    (Q15-3) Help Nimzy kill the huge plaguebringer inside Northwatch Point.

    You go back to the camp and notice Nimzy standing near two massive Gnome Steam suits (similar to shredder mounts SoO introduces.) she tosses you a gas mask and tells you to mount up one of the suits. These two Steam Powered suits are prototypes from Gnomeregan, built after Gnomeregan was irradiated to act as toxin-immune suits used by Gnome fighters to infiltrate Gnomeregan. she has tweaked them to stand against the forsaken plague. you mount up and close the windshield, the suit powers up and your vehicle UI pops up again.

    you mount up and accompany Nimzy as she goes into the destroyed base, passing through the green gas harmlessly. you start killing any plague monstrosity that attacks you with ease. at the center of the base and exactly where the gunship canons landed you find a huge plague slime, Nimzy concludes that this is the monster that is spreading the plague and if we kill it the plague will dissipate after awhile.

    Once the monster dies you go back to Darius and tell him the plague is dealt with, after the quest is turned in the lethal green cloud around Nothwatch Point disappears and you can safely go inside the base, allthough plague oozelings still lurk around the base. hopefully they all die out after a while.

    Northpoint Manor : (Levels : 18-20)

    Area Description :

    An abandoned old Manor on the northwestern part of Gilneas headlands, it's on the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea. the forsaken have holed up in the manor and are using it as their headquarters.

    Quest List :

    (Q16-1) Make way to the Northpoint Manor.

    You, Kinlan, Darius, and Nimzy march with Gilneas Liberation Front towards the last forsaken headquarters. and set up somewhere near the Manor. Darius sends his men to scout the area while the rest of the people prepare for a final confrontation with the forsaken forces.

    -Pick Up the Smoke Grenade and signal the location of Plague Tanks.
    -Kill 8 Forsaken Plague Troopers.

    Nimzy tells you to destroy forsaken tanks and kill 8 of their plague troops guarding around the manor before the main forces of Darius move in to take the manor, those tanks will prove to be disasterous if used by the forsaken.

    (Q16-3) Burn down the plaguefields.

    Kinlan talks with you about a forsaken "plaguefield" which the undead have built on a once fertile farm field. it was used by the forsaken to test and improve their plague, which was then used on Northwatch Front. he gives you a torch and tells you to burn that plaguefield to the ground.

    -Storm the gates.
    -Kill the forsaken leader.
    -End it all.

    *A cinematic starts in which Darius leads his pack towards the manor.*

    the scene fades in and you find yourself before the manor gates, fighting the remaining forsaken forces before the gate opens and a huge abomination named "RotGut" enters the battle . You along with other alliance heroes present will fight fiercely to bring the undead monstrosity down.

    each hero will play a role in the entire fight.

    Darius is the main tank.
    Nimzy is the medic.
    Kinlan is the melee dps.

    You make your way inside the manor courtyard, only to find Lady Rochelle blocking your path. a brief dialogue takes place before Rochelle summons several banshees to fight you, during the fight the banshees temporary possess one of the heroes and you along with rest of the team have to fight them to make them leave the hero. as banshees posses each hero and you defeat them to save them from possession they fall to the ground weakened and unable to fight.

    in the end only you are left standing, along with Rochelle. the two of you fight each other but Rochelle clearly has the upper hand, she knocks you into the ground, and mocks your efforts to stop the forsaken. but then a female Worgen enters the fray, rallying behind her are the remaining Worgens of Gilneas Liberation Front. you stand up for a final attack.

    Rochelle is finally overwhelmed by the Worgen forces who knock her to the ground and tear her to pieces. Once the last forsaken fighter falls in the courtyard Darius stands up and looks at his daughter who has turned herself into a Worgen.

    The entire courtyard falls silent. Darius, not willing to talk with his daughter infront of his men, goes into the manor building... his daughter follows him into the manor and the rest of you are left outside the courtyard.

    you, Kinlan and Nimzy leave the courtyard and reach the gates where a 7th legion courier greets you and hands you a letter. The 7th Legion forces have requested your presence at Purgation Isle--now turned into a fortress.

    you say your farewells and depart to Hillsbrad Foothills.

    With Gilneas taken and the Forsaken forces crushed the quest line will be finished.

    Notes :

    * Many Gilnean NPCs will appear human at morning and Worgen at night. some will always appear Worgen, and some are not afflicted by the curse thus they always remain human.

    * The Bite will be updated to cover a wider area along the northern coastline.

    * Livery Outpost will sell Horses.

    *The Queens Gate will now be open.


    Rare NPCs :


    title : The Wailing Woman
    Type : Monster, Killable

    Rumor has it that north of Tempest's Reach on the hill overlooking the eastern shores of Gilneas, Abigail, a sea hag, is forever starring into the ocean awaiting her lover to come back.

    Malahide Brothers

    title : Traveling Merchants
    Type : Vendor, Unkillable.

    A rare carriage slowly rides around Gilneas and travels from town to town. Sitting behind the carriage are three vendors, a hatter, a cloth vendor that sells nobleman clothes of various colors and a vendor that sells rapiers, shields and other weapons with Gilneas crest on them,These serve as transmog items.

    June :

    Title : The Dead Bride.
    Type : friendly, hostile and killable when angered.

    Down at the sewers of Gilneas City, the wandering corpse in bridal dress wanders the dark sewers. humming sweet songs and completely oblivious to her current dead state, once players talk to her she will invite them to her wedding which is planned to take place "soon". players have the option to tell her that she is dead, which angers June. upon insisting June will enter a frenzied state and attacks the player, which will likely result in her death.

    note : there is a trapdoor entrance from Basil Dixon's house into the sewers, players cannot enter the sewers from the trapdoor as it is locked (rogues can picklock.) from time to time June will enter the house through the sewers and heads towards her portrait, talking loud with herself while cleaning the portrait. (this is the source of the strange sounds that neighbors were complaining about.). judging by what she tells to herself players will understand that Basil Dixon was her true love and the rumors of Basil stalking June was made-up by her family who wanted her to marry a wealthy albeit cold man, upon killing her players can loot the key from her body and unlock the trapdoor.

    The Loch Monster

    Title : Legend of Loch Amber
    Type : Killable

    Fishermen tell tales of a monster residing deep beneath Loch Amber to the north of Emberstone Mine. The Legend of loch Amber is generally used by Gilnean folks to scare children and keep them away from swimming too far from land (and possibly drowning) but many folks who reside near Loch Amber believe the monster to be very real, and very dangerous.

    The Dutchess :

    Type : Humanoid, Killable

    A group of all female bandits called "The Black Widows" have taken control of the now-abandoned Queen's Gate. their leader, The Duchess spawns at the Queen's Gate every once in a while along with her fellow bandits.

    Nicholas Taylor :

    Title : Mad Genius
    Type : Humanoid, Vendor, Defeatable

    A brilliant yet unstable scientist who resides west of Keel Harbor in a small house. his house is filled with grotesque machinery and creepy inventions. upon approaching him he will threaten you to stand back, mistaking you for one of the peasants who intend to lynch him. after defeating him in battle he gives up and tells you the whole story.

    Nicholas used to be a famous inventor, a well known genius across Gilneas. his inventions ranged from mechanical toys for children to huge machinery such as cannons and doors, but after his wife died he dabbled into necromancy trying to find way to bring his wife back. but after awhile he lost interest in it, the peasants however blamed him for recent townsfolk abductions and the serial murders that happened at Gilneas (misdeeds that the Wolf Cult caused.) they even tried to lynch him at some point believing the Worgen to be his creation.

    and thus he retreated here hoping to get away from all his troubles.

    He sells a some rare toys and other "fun" items for players to use. (like fireworks.)

    Basil Dixon :

    Title : Master Painter
    Type : Friendly, Hostile once true identity uncovered.

    On your travels around Gilneas Headlands/Mainland you may find a rare friendly NPC who sells portraits, he may even propose to paint your portrait someday. if you have completed the murder quests at Gilneas City your character knows that the true Basil Dixon is dead, you also notice that the portraits are very similar to ones you found at Macer's basement.

    upon seeing June and Fiona's portraits you'll know for sure that this painter is the killer you've been looking for. once you uncover his identity and accuse him of murder he transforms into a Succubus/Incubus and attacks you. once killed you'll loot June's locket from the monster. you can bring the locket to June (The wandering bride) at Gilneas Sewers which will free her from her torment and rewards you with a "spectral chest" (a gift from ghosts) which contains some nice loot.

    (doing so will unlock an achievement, similar to the demon hunter achievement at darkshore.)

    Bloodpaw :

    Title : Rabid Worgen Alpha
    Type : Hostile, Killable

    over the river separating Gileas City from the southern parts of Gilneas, and near the cliffs overlooking the Blackwald a group of rabid Worgen roam freely in the remote mountains, tearing the flesh of anyone who stands in their way. lead by a savage Worgen called Bloodpaw, these rabid worgen are presumed to have killed at least twenty people since their first appearance a few months ago.

    Lady Talyshea :

    Title : Forsaken Assassin
    Type : Hostile, Killable

    Lady Talyshea is a rare invisible mob that creeps around the northern parts of Northgate Woods, she is a level 20 rare mob and is very dangerous if encountered by low level characters and because she is invisible players are very likely to be ambushed by her when walking around the woods. she is tasked by Lady Rochelle to kill any of Crowley's scouts that lurk in that area.


    Title : Deranged Shapeshifter
    Type : Hostile, Killable

    Sorcha is an old Gilnean druid that managed to learn about the secrets of druidic shapeshifting, but due to her inexperience she could not maintain the balance between her feral form and her human self. after years she lost what sanity she had left and became a deranged shapeshifter. she stalks the area south of the forsaken manor in her cat form and feeds on anything that she can find.


    * I'll add more to this concept work from time to time.

    * I'm working on adding images to this idea so it becomes less hectic.

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    Alliance isnt capable to do something like that.
    The common man is like a worm in the gut of a corpse, trapped inside a prison of cold flesh, helpless and uncaring, unaware even of the inevitability of its own doom.

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    Godfrey would be Regent Lord of Gilneas, if he didn't go all "fuck erbody" and beat down Darius before blowing Sylvanas' head off. Worgen can never reclaim Gilneas, as long as my Queen reigns supreme over Undercity.

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    I'm quite found of the current Gilneas starting Zone. Don't do away with it.

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    You just cant have 2 major cities next to each other

    The forsaken will never allow a huge alliance base and port near its territory of silverpine forests.

    It will get attacked and the alliance will have to keep supplying it with reinforcements

    The only way you will get gilneas back is if you utterly obliterate the forsaken from the face of azeroth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Combooticus View Post
    You just cant have 2 major cities next to each other

    The forsaken will never allow a huge alliance base and port near its territory of silverpine forests.

    It will get attacked and the alliance will have to keep supplying it with reinforcements

    The only way you will get gilneas back is if you utterly obliterate the forsaken from the face of azeroth
    Luckily for us Alliance has a better naval strength than Forsaken. and besides, this is the whole point of this suggestion.

    with Alliance forces withdrawing their forces from Kalimdor it'll only make sense if they start retaking the things they lost to the forsaken. that means Southshore and a more powerful presence in Arathi highlands. this actually opens up a whole lot of new world pvp potential.

    with the alliance aid in Orgrimmar and the possibility of a more moderate warchief I don't think even the Horde will support Sylvanas' atrocities in Lordaeron! so I think theres potential that the Horde will indirectly agree to let Alliance reduce the power of the undeath menace in Lordaeron. even the Argent Crusade do not approve of Sylvanas' new methods. so she nearly has no allies in the region with the exception of perhaps the blood elves.

    with Silverpine becoming a possible contested zone for 20-30 players it'll become the new Ashenvale. and there are two zones between Undercity and Gilneas (Silverpine Forest and Gilneas Headlands.) Gilneas will be pushed further south to become closer to Ironforge and possibly closer to where Kul'Tiras is supposed to be. The Forsaken will also going to get a brand new zone to make up for Silverpine becoming a contested zone. but more on that later. (Northeron is a very interesting idea that I'm working on actually, and will focus on Sylvanas' storyline.)

    in the end the Alliance will lose power in Barrens and Stonetalon but on the other hand they gain foothold in Silverpine, arathi and alterac.

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    I like the idea, would be using up time spent on developing new content though and I'd be keener to see a number of other things in the game before something like this The story driven side of this is a nice idea imo.

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    You know, maybe Krennan Aranas will use his knowledge of dealing with the worgen curse to create a vaccine against undeath or even forsaken blight. Or maybe the Gilneans even create a plague of their own based on the worgen curse that ravages undead beings. Seriously, does it bother anyone else that such strong counters to the forsaken were never utilized to their fullest?
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    Quote Originally Posted by delus View Post
    You know, maybe Krennan Aranas will use his knowledge of dealing with the worgen curse to create a vaccine against undeath or even forsaken blight. Or maybe the Gilneans even create a plague of their own based on the worgen curse that ravages undead beings.
    How the hell do you want to create vaccine against something that is basicaly caustic gas. Thats like asking for vaccine against H2SO4.
    The common man is like a worm in the gut of a corpse, trapped inside a prison of cold flesh, helpless and uncaring, unaware even of the inevitability of its own doom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    How the hell do you want to create vaccine against something that is basicaly caustic gas. Thats like asking for vaccine against H2SO4.
    Thats' why I created a cure for them in the storyline. it burns off their flesh and dissolves them uppon physical contact delivered to you dearly by Lorna Crowley.

    enjoy. :X

    Quote Originally Posted by delus View Post
    You know, maybe Krennan Aranas will use his knowledge of dealing with the worgen curse to create a vaccine against undeath
    actually maybe I'll add Krennan Aranas as the person who helps Lorna mostly in her experiments. though judging by his personality I think he'll strongly protest against testing the substance on forsaken prisoners... maybe the use of this substance as a whole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by banestalker View Post
    Thats' why I created a cure for them in the storyline. it's called "death by fire" enjoy. :X
    Sure, "storyline", any chance you hang out with Northem? It seems you two have same delusions.
    The common man is like a worm in the gut of a corpse, trapped inside a prison of cold flesh, helpless and uncaring, unaware even of the inevitability of its own doom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    How the hell do you want to create vaccine against something that is basicaly caustic gas. Thats like asking for vaccine against H2SO4.
    Worgen have a natural resistance to it. The "caustic gas" you refer to is actually an airborne pathogen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delus View Post
    Worgen have a natural resistance to it.
    They dont, where did you get that from.
    The common man is like a worm in the gut of a corpse, trapped inside a prison of cold flesh, helpless and uncaring, unaware even of the inevitability of its own doom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    Sure, "storyline", any chance you hang out with Northem? It seems you two have same delusions.
    if you do not like a thread nobody is forcing you post in it, this is a concept idea suggestion.

    and most of all it's not something to fight with others for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by banestalker View Post
    and most of all it's not something to fight with others for.
    It is when it doesnt make sense and you propose it as sugestion.
    The common man is like a worm in the gut of a corpse, trapped inside a prison of cold flesh, helpless and uncaring, unaware even of the inevitability of its own doom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    It is when it doesnt make sense and you propose it as sugestion.
    and your reason for it not making sense is that "The Alliance is not capable of doing that" ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    They dont, where did you get that from.

    Agatha says: This way, <name>. We will take them by surprise.
    Caretaker Smithers, Phin Odelic, Henry Maleb, Sophia Zowski, Bartolo Ginsetti and Loremaster Dibbs are in a meeting with Lord Darius Crowley and Ivar Bloodfang.
    Lord Darius Crowley says: The Forsaken have broken through your defenses, magistrate.
    Lord Darius Crowley says: You are out of time.
    Lord Darius Crowley says: A decision must be made.
    Lord Darius Crowley says: Die in battle and be raised as a servant of the Forsaken or...
    Lord Darius Crowley says: Drink my blood and be reborn as worgen, immune to the depravity of the Forsaken.
    Lord Darius Crowley says: Help us destroy the Forsaken and retake Lordaeron for the Alliance!
    Magistrate Henry Maleb says: We would rather die than be turned into worgen, but seeing as how even death provides no relief from the atrocities of this war...
    Magistrate Henry Maleb says: We choose vengeance!
    Maleb and the other members of the leadership grabs a vial of worgen blood and promptly drinks it, turning them into worgen.
    Agatha says: Run...!
    Agatha says: RUN!
    Agatha grabs you and flies you out of the keep while worgen attempts to kill Agatha.

    More Worgen related lore only the Horde can learn.
    "There is good and evil in this world; we must find the black and white in the gray."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    They dont, where did you get that from.
    after a few pages of searching I came across this :

    Q: Why are humans who drink the blood of worgen unable to be raised as Forsaken?

    A: Not only are the Val'kyr less powerful than the Lich King when it comes to raising the undead, but the worgen curse also makes raising them into undeath far more difficult than it is for normal humans. The worgen curse has roots in both the Emerald Dream (through the wolf Ancient, Goldrinn) and the holy power of the goddess Elune. In addition, those worgen who imbibe the waters of Tal'doren—through the ritual they undergo to maintain balance between the worgen curse and their humanity—have a further resistance to the corruption of undeath.
    I don't know if it also makes them more resistant to the forsaken poison. but it appears that they cannot be reanimated as undead once they are dead.

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    I would love it if I could spend my time in Gilneas instead of Stormwind so I think this would be a really nice idea.

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    Aberration: the duration of all curses and diseases used against worgen is slightly reduced.
    This racial was later rebalanced to take less nature and shadow damage.
    In addition there is text that supports the resistance worgen have to disease.
    This is a war, right? We're supposed to be able to kill our enemies with our weapons, right?
    This blight is useless.
    What did they test this crap on? Murlocs?
    Watered down garbage. Doesn't even slow 'em down.

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