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    How do I even CM?

    Ok, so I'm a Blood DK, arguably the best tank for CM, but I am having difficulties with getting a group together. I tried sitting in LFG, but yesterday I sepnt like 2 hours there and I get maybe a random dk pop up and thats it.
    I tried posting on forums, but nobody ever replies.
    Couple of my friends are scrubs and not interested in CM.

    I have pots, flasks, feasts and I'm ready to spend time learning. I watch videos and can survive multiple packs. I can communicate and ask for sacrifice, etc.

    Here is my profile


    What am I doing wrong?

    if anyone is interested, please reply. EU that is.

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    There's nothing wrong with you, as far as I can see. Your gear is great, you clearly know your class, and you have the right resources and attitude for CMs. The issue lies within the other players simply not wishing to do CMs, or if they do, then they already have groups formed from guildies or friends.

    You say you sit in LFG - do you also check out the groups that others are forming? Maybe there's a few there that are in need of a good tank, and don't think to look at the others advertising?

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    You should actively recruit on trade instead of just sitting in LFG or posting on forums. You might get better results. LFG channels never worked...

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    Try OpenRaid, probably can find CM groups on there.
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    Been having a hard time finding groups too. Couple guildies have already finished 8/8 and I'm only 1/8. Most of the looking for group players quit almost immediately or want 8/8 XP or discriminate against arms war. I'm 2/7 mythic xp too if you wanna get a group together OP

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    Blizzard doesn't want to make challenge modes part of the gearing process, so they are simply not popular for most players. It's as simple as that. They gave them a benefit that helped during until LFR came out, but now that LFR is out, it's popularity is very low.

    I'd meet more people, and find more friends if I were you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEHPALLYTANK View Post
    Try OpenRaid, probably can find CM groups on there.
    This. This is how I found all of my groups. I never found a good group in /2 without them asking for 9/9. With OpenRaid, my first group nailed all golds in a few hours.
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