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Thread: Heroic Edition?

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    Heroic Edition?

    Not sure if others noticed, but they have upgrade the core purchase to the heroic edition:https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/a..._source=client

    Guild Wars 2 game
    Suit of Legacy Armor*
    Mithril Box*
    10 Experience Boosters*

    The mithril box is an 18 slot bag. The legacy armor is one of the three sets from the gem store (primevil, profane, krytan).

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    It's expected they start adding deals. Nothing in that package is really worth it though. Legacy cloth armor is freaken ugly as hell.

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    I think the digital upgrade includes the HC version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gray_Matter View Post
    I think the digital upgrade includes the HC version.
    It does, though not retroactively. You're out of luck if you've already bought the digital deluxe upgrade.

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