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    The Bloodthirsty

    On my 70 with long ass bg queue times.

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    The Immortal - Still one of my favorites in the game.
    Stormbreaker - Farming those damn Zandalari Books was not so much fun, but I love the title.
    Dragonslayer - It's just so fitting for this game

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    Sergeant, from back in vanilla, even tho its not a high rank it was something when i was lvl 50 and didnt knew what i was doing xD
    Loremaster, because its a fairly long grind, longer than the Seeker
    The professor. Even tho it wasn't very hard to get for me, i still don't see all too many people with it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowraven View Post
    The Lion Hearted - I bet none of you have had this one Proof:
    You don't either, those were removed.

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    1: The Immortal
    2: Herald of the Titans
    3: Vanilla pvp title

    I had a blast doing all of these, except after hours of Naxxramas only to have some idiot die on KT
    “The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowraven View Post
    The Lion Hearted - I bet none of you have had this one Proof:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow-cleave View Post
    You don't either, those were removed.
    Well true, but I did have it for a month while the whole title stuff bugged.

    Quote Originally Posted by Seja Victrix View Post
    Ah, you don't know what the issue was. So, in Cataclysm, at one point, for a month, there was some sort of bug with the database and the titles were all mixed up for some reason. While some titles were turned into other boring ones, some, like "of Darnassus" turned into "the Lion Hearted". I also remember that "of Cenarius" turned into "Grand Master Engineer" though I don't remember all the other options. So, for that tiny month, I did have that title.

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    only used glad title because it took me so long to get it
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