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    However, things like Path of the Titans and the Fourth Spec essentially confirm it is a fan made concept someone's attempting to pass of as real.
    No it doesn't. New specs for classes makes much more sense than adding yet another new class to the game, it's much more practical and actually gives us more variety. It doesn't seem like something Blizzard would never consider doing because they've already done exactly this with druids. HOWEVER since you clearly cannot read, the claimed leak states "NO 4th specs".

    GJ proving that you can't properly evaluate things objectively denizens of the internet because you're too busy whining and crying about crap you misread.

    Also FYI, Blizzard stated when they cancelled Path of the Titans for Cataclysm that the system would eventually be included in the game somehow. There is nothing even remotely fishy about the information your brain somehow chose as "least likely info in the page to happen". And that is just being factually honest about this.

    The other details about zones and so forth seem like wishful thinking more than any sort of solid information though.

    Also not that I care for this leak much at all, other than underwater naga themed expansion seems like the most obvious place to go and I'd like to see it, please stop with this bs "doesn't fit the lore" nonsense. Blizzard does not care about what does or doesn't change their lore. They care about writing whatever the hell they want about their own property.

    If they want to change lore, they can and in fact do exactly that at their own whim and nothing else. There have been many things that were changed and added to game lore in the last several expansions.
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