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    If I knew then what I know now.. no way. I would not start raiding until WOTLK.

    It wasn´t just the consumables, it was the very linear tiers with no catch-up mechanisms. If you ever wanted to raid Naxx in 1.0... you basically had to have been raiding since MC.

    Vanilla was terrible for endgame. If you didn´t raid, you were stuck trying to get groups for 5 mans or else farming pages in Sith

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    Nowadays I think I would really enjoy vanilla leveling but I hate the rest. I would lose so many abilities and skill functions that it just wouldn't feel right at all. Would I raid... probably not, I've been in all of them and being gear and level appropriate won't change much. Unfortunately WoW was too grindy back then for me and I skipped most everything then quit until BC.
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    Oh my god, a company tries to put some lore flavor into the game mechanics, all is lost, whatever shall we do without a whole 1% of crit or haste.

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    Nope. My favorite class/spec would not be viable and I'd be reduced to healbotting/out-of-combat rezzer. BORING. I'd end up quitting.
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