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    Silly xpac leaked titles

    That thread a bit ago gave me the inspiration to make this thread. All those ideas that some people were coming up with were really funny. So I have decided to make a thread dedicated to making silly "leaked" xpac titles.

    This thread will be for fun and hopefully the mods don't lock it.
    So how it will work will be you state the title of the xpac and how you got this info. Like so.

    Xpac: World of Warcraft Attack of the Flying Lizards

    confirmed by: A guy who knows a guy who has a cat that hangs out at blizzard HQ.

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    World of Warcraft: Ministry of Silly Walks

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    in before World of Warcraft: The Dark Below

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    world of warcraft: the golden nanner
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    World of Warcraft: The Dark Below

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Uko View Post
    in before World of Warcraft: The Dark Below
    ah, ya bastard. Ye beat me too it.

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    World Of Warcraft: Burning Croutons
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    World of Warcraft: Lich King Arthas returns on top of Deathwing along with Illadin
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    WoW: The End

    ...I have my sources.
    Quote Originally Posted by KungFuFanta
    Oh my god, a company tries to put some lore flavor into the game mechanics, all is lost, whatever shall we do without a whole 1% of crit or haste.

    Quick, call Ukraine and Russia, let them know to put their conflict on standby because Touch of Elune is BULLSHIT!

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    World of Warcraft : The Burning Crusade.

    what? that joke actually got made? ugh. lets hope they dont make that mistake again.. wha? they are making a 2.0. im unsubbing,.
    Quote Originally Posted by ablib View Post
    I do realize that this is an internet forum full of morons, however in real life, no one questions me, people look to me for the answer, look up to me, trust me. To have dipshits on a video game forum question me, is insulting.

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    World of Warcraft: Deathwing Returns as a Cyborg with a corgi

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    World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

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    World of Warcraft: The Dark Bellow.

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    World of Warcraft: Was only a setback!

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    World of Warcraft The Dark Above

    Confirmed by Ghostcrawler's pet hamster.

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    World of Warcraft: Rise of the Legion.

    How can they Rise when they are already one the most powerful forces in the universe. FUCKING IDIOT!

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    World of Warcraft: Wrath of Ghostcrawler
    ...I know because I'm making it....
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    World of Warcraft: The Search for More Money

    New features include:
    - $20 monthly subscription fee
    - new leveling zones unlockable via purchase in the Blizzard store
    - Life Stock - To capture the arcade quarter-muncher feel that our fanbase has been clamoring for, each player character now has a set number of lives. Once all your lives are used up, you can purchase additional lives through the online store!
    - new playable race models available in the Blizzard store, aggressively priced at $50 per race

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lastlivingsoul View Post
    World of Warcraft: Ministry of Silly Walks

    I actually want that..
    Quote Originally Posted by leaks View Post
    Well it's good to see the keyboard activists in full effect. Doing the laziest, most asinine thing they could think of off the top of their heads and calling it justice while making no difference.
    Quote Originally Posted by C9H20
    Blizzard effectively wants to have its cake and eat it too by pretending to have this groundbreaking war in a faction capital while at the same time being completely unwilling to portray logical consequences of such an event.

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    World of Warcraft and the Chamber of Secrets.

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    This is just in!

    "World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich Bitch" was just trademarked in Kasachstan!
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