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    Pink spell effects. I want the Holy Light to burn your pride and retinas when I lay the smackdown with it.
    I would also go for pink spell effects if they added them
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    When you start icing down your balls to lower your potency, I will start checking my cervix for mucus and taking my temp daily. Deal?

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    I personally would like to finish the game doing a legendary quest line for my class. I could see working along side Tirion Fordring one last time and finish by being granted Ashbringer and taking a roll in an order of Paladins. I believe all classes should get something along these lines working with highest members of their class to achieve the legendary weapon of that roll.

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    Visible aura would be pretty neat. Reminds me of D2 paladins =]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boogaloo95 View Post
    If paladins were to have their own green fire like quest line, what do you guys think Paladins would get after completing it? Would it be a change of color in our spells like the warlocks green fire or would it be something different? I personally think that a new mount would be cool. What do you think paladins should get?

    All ideas are welcome .
    1: Cosmetic effect - Tyraels Wings
    2: Cosmetic Effect - Visible Libram
    3: Mount Upgrade - Golden Drake Flying mount


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    All I would want is for the aura graphic to pulse around the Paladin's feet every so-many seconds, or just permanently be there.
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    hate reading threads like this.. you get to see so much potentional that most likely never will hit the game:<

    anyways on topic; id really love some sort of "aura" under my char as been mentioned some times in the thread, but make it a glyph after a chain quest or something if so. could be rather annoying on some fights id guess

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    I'd be content with white / blue energies for your attacks and maybe Tyrael like wings for Avenging Wrath, and Imperius like wings for normal.

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    Auras would get a bit laggy if you're in a 25/40 man and it shares with everyone. If it was just a personal thing for a user, it wouldn't be too bad. The trick would be keeping it clean and simple.

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    I Like the weapon xmog Idea. Ashbringer as a weapon model would be badass. Even some unique looking armour perhaps. The quest line would only reward something visual otherwise it would be gamebreaking.

    Xmogs are a good solution as they are all the rage these days... you need to kill in style ya know...

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    You heard it here first:

    Green paladin fire.
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    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocity View Post
    Most likely reward would be some completely useless cosmetic stuff, which only purpose is to alter some visual effects. Which would be quite boring.

    There was some change some time ago, that gave draenei some ugly elekks and took away chargers from them.
    The Charger does still exist, it's simply for Humans and Dwarves. (With a slight remodel for Blood Elves.) The Draenei don't really sit well on horses, so they gave them a proper Draenei mount.

    It's the same reason Tauren don't use the Charger, and instead get a Sunwalker Kodo. Tauren don't sit well on horses. But to give ONLY Tauren Paladins a new mount wouldn't be fair. So they compensated with the Elekk.

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    The mount thing was one of the few lore > game play changes I've seen forced on players.

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    Paladin Flight Form
    *drops mic*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mage of Rage View Post
    Paladin Flight Form
    *drops mic*
    oh that would be awsome actually, we get our AW wings ( a little bigger perhaps though )

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    If we are to get flying mount. Argent Crusade hippo gryphon or just normal gryphon. Personally I found it weird for paladin and many other classes riding dragons, proto drakes, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vathius View Post
    oh that would be awsome actually, we get our AW wings ( a little bigger perhaps though )
    would be even cooler if it was something like the "sky golem" in 5.4 flying animation. Where we are actually flying face first and were to have big tyrael wings or something of the sort. I would never ever use a mount if this was the case. We should also be able to instant cast it like druids

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