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    Quote Originally Posted by Emfg View Post
    The game -just- updated. Can't expect cookie monster to work immediately.
    I wasn't expecting it to work perfectly, but I've never EVER had a problem of it totally crashing and stopping the game before.

    @Black Pearl: Thanks
    Check out the blog I write for LEGENDARY Indie Label Flicknife Records:

    Blog eleven is live! This one is excting, featuring mentions of new bands, new labels and a team up with some ex Chelsea Footballers!


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    Still no dungeons - ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbr View Post
    Still no dungeons - ?
    well you see, it is indeed a matter of priorities. Right now my priorities for Cookie Clicker are Easter update, then prestige overhaul, then factory dungeons + other special features for other buildings. And that’s not accounting for all the other game projects I’d like to work on in between !

    So yeah, I’d say get hype for prestige first (although that’s still a little while away, since it’ll feature a whole new progression system, heavy rebalancing of most everything, and a bunch of new buildings that come before portals)
    From his tumblr.

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    I wonder what he's planning to do with the prestige overhaul. He's been saying that since the day after he introduced HC and the only change so far is it going from 5% to 2% per chip.

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    He actually posted something on the next post.

    I’ll try to add some rad stuff that costs ungodly amounts of heavenly chips, but sometimes it’s really hard to follow you guys. Keep in mind I initially planned chips to be something you only get in tiny amounts every now and then ! (and I’ve seen reports of people having millions of them)

    of course, if you REALLY want the full pristine cookie experience, the best way to do that is still to wipe your save. (I’m just saying, you don’t have to !)
    And there is now another post regarding the prestige stuff:

    Not only will these meta-upgrades be permanent, but another feature of prestige will allow you to spend chips on making a limited number of normal upgrades persistent through resets !

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    That's actually quite interesting, giving up part of your CpS to get a headstart on resets. I have 151k of those things now

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    I hope he doesn't keep cheaters in mind - obviously millions of chips don't just come out of nowhere.

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    I'm looking forward to Orteil's revamp of the prestige system. Those heavenly chips are easy to get. 261k HC's and counting!

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    This is not just a game! It's the devils work!


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    any1 else having problems with One Mind upgrade? I bought it, got the achievement but the thing didn't disappear from my available updates list and nothing happens if I click on it again....

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