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    Probably using E and R for a second option ability when they are bound to 3 and 4 on my Naga. They could be used for other spells but no, I've grown accustomed to E and R with the most simplest spells which I also need on my layout for quick access if I choke with my movement.

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    I am a fury warrior in a heroic raiding guild and I will purposely stand in fire with berserker stance on to get a ton of rage lol. only on farm content though I promise *looks both ways o.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    So I'm a lefty, which means that most of my keybinds are focused on the number pad over on the right of the keyboard. And as you may know, having the num lock button OFF actually makes those keys do different things. Additionally, holding down any one of those buttons, then toggling num lock off will result in that button acting like it's held down.

    At least every other play session, I'll depress some combination of keys while I'm flying, which makes me dismount and plummet to my death, without fail. Quite funny, if I do say so myself.

    Anyhow, list some goofy things you still accidentally do, despite knowing better.
    I do the exact same mount thing. Only I have my mount bound to "F" so if I go to hit "G" i'll accidentally hit F sometimes and plummet to my death like you.

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    Run whole 'wings' of lfr with cooking hat equipped >.<

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    Fishing pole as a Feral dps, anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Blade View Post
    At least the safari hat is cute!
    I know I loves it <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by xinjun View Post
    Fishing pole as a Feral dps, anyone?
    Urgh, now that you mention it, I does happen a few times for me over the years. Most recently I did like 80% off my daylies I planned out for that session with a pole, before noticing it... /dumb!

    I think I have also done it a few times inn raids, atleast Inn Cataclysme.
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    As a dk, going uh- presence for the speed buff, and forget to switch it back. Happens way to much

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    Looking For Raid

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    I still occasionally accidentally jump off of Acherus while in queue on my DK. Some part of me still doesn't realize those invisible walls are gone.
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    Going to the opposite faction shrine all the time :| :| :| :|

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Glitch View Post
    Forgetting to take my safari hat off when going into combat/scenarios/raids etc. /derpy derp
    You need Simca's Auto Safari Hat addon.

    It's the best.

    /coming from someone who raided for months with my Blessed Medallion of Karabor unknowingly equipped. And I don't mean raided Black Temple.
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    Revival next to TfT and Life Cocoon next to my lock stone. . . someday I'll move them, but. . . they seem so out of place!!!!

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    send mats to the wrong bank char
    Dismount whilst flying high
    Quote Originally Posted by Acelius View Post
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    I'm using alt in alot of my keybinds, so i was constantly using alt + tab when fighting. Downloaded a program which remove's that command.
    Also used to accidently hit my windows button till i ripped it out.
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    Queue then leave the computer for a few secs only to miss out as DPS (what are the odds).

    Trying to meet a friend in a phased area and wondering where the fuck he is, it says he's right next to me! zzzz
    Quote Originally Posted by KungFuFanta
    Oh my god, a company tries to put some lore flavor into the game mechanics, all is lost, whatever shall we do without a whole 1% of crit or haste.

    Quick, call Ukraine and Russia, let them know to put their conflict on standby because Touch of Elune is BULLSHIT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by khalltusk View Post
    In Vanilla I did something similar the org bank roof. running around it in circles. But lots of people did it back then!
    Jumping from spike to spike.........Give me back my spikes.

    Anyways forgetting to switch back to flametongue weapon when going from resto to ele.

    Forgetting to switch back to 2h after shield wall wasting a potential execute kill.

    Running old raids for transmog and forgetting to loot a binding of the windseeker.
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    Flying into the wrong shrine at least 2-3x a week every week since I joined the master race.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    You need Simca's Auto Safari Hat addon.

    It's the best.

    /coming from someone who raided for months with my Blessed Medallion of Karabor unknowingly equipped. And I don't mean raided Black Temple.
    Thanks for the link, sounds very good. I do sometimes forget not only to equip my normal gear, but also to change to safari hat when doing pet battles and end up missing out on the extra xp

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