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    He has had a pretty cool character development if you look at the entire warcraft series as a whole.

    Some of his motivations in MoP however have left me wondering how they connect the dots as to what made him turn, to the darkside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokoshne View Post
    Some of his motivations in MoP however have left me wondering how they connect the dots as to what made him turn, to the darkside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitei View Post
    His people being the Orcs, the vast majority of whom agree with his mentality and methods.
    I'm pretty sure the vast majority don't agree with him... There are by far more player orcs than NPC orcs, and at least half of the NPC orcs don't agree with him but are forced into servitude.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anarchor View Post
    The most important thing that this expansion teaches us is that the Horde is superiour to the Alliance military-wise, or at least the Warsong are.

    Just think of it. Everyone shitting their pants because Warsong kicked everyone's asses on Pandaria and even managed to conquer the Vale? If the Horde hadn't turned on itself the Alliance would've been defeated and everyone would've ended up impaled on the docks of Stormwind apparently.

    All hail Warsong, is what I've to say to that.
    First of all, the Horde didn't turn on itself. Garrosh's view is not what the Horde is or has ever been about. He essentially seceded from the Horde and formed the "True Horde", which is a completely different organization. Secondly, Garrosh and his followers' powers are gained by exploiting Pandaria, such as the Sha as well as artifacts and resources taken from Pandaria. Their raw/base power is nowhere near what it currently is thanks to the power they've been imbued with.

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    If u look at all the psichological factors it's all a wonderful story. When one has a life of torment be it phisical of psichological or both no matter the age, as an adult there are 2 MAJOR ways one can end up:

    1. a person that understands pain and wants the world to have no more of that ( -> Thrall
    2. a person that feels so broken in emotions, ego that he/she does everything to pump up his ego in a never-ending race (; the problem with this one is that he/she might not even be aware of this and attempts to rationalize (; and funny stuff happens when power is given to them be it leadership, guns or Gorehowl :P

    So the way i personally see it is that Thrall supposed that Garrosh would act just like him because they shared a past of suffering. BIG MISTAKE (as Thrall says in the sound files).

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    The moment your character turns in the first breadcrumb Grummle trail quest in Kun'lai. That's the moment Garrosh, sitting back in Orgrimmar, turns evil.

    Seriously though, I think blizzard "intended" to give him a somewhat natural story progression into being a dictator... though at the end of Cataclysm, he was on the path to being a somewhat honorable character, as noted in that quest.

    Honestly, if they wanted to drive Garrosh into being more of an "understandable" madman... they should have had the Alliance forces start to majorly curbstomp the horde throughout Azeroth or have the Alliance act in some instance of actual aggression, giving Garrosh an actual NEED to adopt some "desperate measures."

    Anyway, MoP was not originally intended to be the xpac after Cataclysm. I think it's fairly likely that Blizz intended to "round out" Garrosh over the course of whatever expansion would come in the middle to give him a slower decent into "villainhood," if they even intended to progress along that path at all.
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    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    This is the link to official Blizzards short story. Released shortly before MoP.

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