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    My Second Legendary Cloak

    At the moment, I have my 608 healing cloak for my holy pally. However, I'm going to be going prot in 5.4 as a main tank. I already know that you can get a second 600 cloak in the PTR, but I'm not sure how it works in terms of the legendary cloak. As in, if you make one cloak legendary can you buy the rest as legendaries? I could make my healing cloak legendary and then buy the cloak for prot. Or is it only one cloak that can be legendary? In which case, I'd buy my prot cloak now and make it legendary, keeping my 608 healing cloak.

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    i think i read you can purchase all the final cloaks at the end of the quest line.

    dont have a source so cant confirm but i am pretty sure you wouldnt have to go through it all again.
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    You purchase the cloaks after you complete the quest chain as Mokoshne said, I think it's like 500g or something like that, I could be wrong but I haven't tried to upgrade another cloak as I haven't got the legendary on the PTR because I'm just waiting for 5.4 to hit live.

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    At the moment on the ptr
    you can buy a new epic cloak for 7k gold and the enchat to upgrade it to legendary for 100g
    prices can change

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    Thanks. Just checking before I spend 7k on my epic tanking cloak.

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    You can buy it now also but cloaks are Unique so you cant have 2 in same time
    When patch comes the cloaks will be no more Unique and you can have all 3 specs in your bag

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