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    Malefic grasp

    Since malefic grasp now reduces the damage our affliction dots do is it even worth using it in pvp situations? Sorry I don't k ow the answer to this already I have been on vacation the past week.

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    Since malefic grasp now reduces the damage our affliction dots do
    What ? You must have misundertood the patch notes
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    "Malefic Grasp now deals 34% less damage, and causes all of the Warlock's other periodic Affliction damage effects to instantly deal 30% of their normal periodic damage (down from 50%)."

    MG doesn't reduced the dots damage, its just been nerfed to deal less damage and less instant dot damage than before.

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    454 should really read the patch notes in your language 0.o

    Well, at least the good folks right there explain why the notes are.
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    Thank you big toast for the clarification!

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