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    How to gear in PvP for 5.4.

    Hi. Recently I wanted to start PvPing a bit on my warlock. Only thing is, I have no gear. I was wandering, come 5.4, is the current conquest gear turning into honor gear that will stay at ilevel 496? I don't have 9k+ to drop on buying 2's carries. So just wandering what you all think. Hopefully it doesn't get ruined by people not even wanting to follow the bg objectives again.

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    And you can also have malevolent gear crafted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiago View Post
    And you can also have malevolent gear crafted.
    Costs too much for me. Can't even afford flying.

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    Flying is like 1k now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willas View Post
    Flying is like 1k now?
    2.5k for pandaria. More to buy basic flying too. Just pretty broke after gearing my pve set.

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