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    Quote Originally Posted by Effbee View Post
    Not actually directly related, because clearly this is some previously inactive account shenanigans that suddenly want their name back (poor Gary the Dwarf Shaman, he never hurt nobody!), but I was naming my level 25 battle pets the other day and tried to name my Little Helper pet "Snowball"...and it rejected it for "mature language"...

    ...not sure what the people in the naming department are in to, but seems a bit OTT to ban the word "snowball"!
    Just because it may mean something innocent and tied to your youth does not mean that it hasn't been used to mean something completely different in the adult film industry.

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    Someone probably wanted the name and reported you.

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    I used to hear of this happening years ago, but not recently. If it's the same issue, it's where people would get their guildmates / friends to report a username so that Blizzard would autoflag it for a rename.

    Whether that still happens or ever actually happened is unknown to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeraxis View Post
    Just because it may mean something innocent and tied to your youth does not mean that it hasn't been used to mean something completely different in the adult film industry.
    But it is a snowball which is a ball made from snow. Its stupid to remark it as anything else regardless of a sexual slang term for it.

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    Only thing I can remotely think of is the rival character from the Pokemon series. I don't se anything wrong with the name.
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    Where I come from a Gary refers to an ecstasy tablet

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    yes its very offensive!
    Gary the Gargoyle is the offical name of Timmy the Ghouls bigger Brother. Every Unholy DK would be very offended by reading this name on a player

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    Quote Originally Posted by khalltusk View Post
    But it is a snowball which is a ball made from snow. Its stupid to remark it as anything else regardless of a sexual slang term for it.
    You are aware every offensive slang term was once just a usual word until someone used it derogatorily?

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    It might just be too mundane. Like Pete the tauren or Tim the night elf.

    A weak argument since you're not on an RP realm, but still... I honestly have no idea why they'd flag you. Just ask them to review it and point out how harmless it is.

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    The renaming system is mostly automated. If enough people report your name using the right click menu on your unit frame, it'll auto flag you for rename. There are people in our guild who do this to our GM like every other week to force him to change his name. The system also works in your favor if you ever find out that the name you want has been freed up! Just get a bunch of friends to report your name and make sure they do this without opening an actual ticket and you got a free name change.

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    This could still be why you had to change your name, the service could have been done days ago even - that doesn't matter:
    Quote Originally Posted by Brazorf View Post
    Did you make a faction change + transfer service? I had the same problem once opened a ticket and they said me that there's a bug with the two service in combo, and they restored my previous name

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    Guessing its because of this:

    Real World References
    This category includes names which:
    Consist of any references to the real world, including people and places.

    Maybe somebody ticketed and just said it was their real name, eitherway that name will always remind me of this:

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    Did you get the name after a server transfer?
    There's a common bug where it can flag a name occasionally after you rename on transfer.
    Either way, message a GM and they will sort you out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everything Nice View Post
    I may recover, in time. Although, monetary compensation may speed up the recovery. 4000g to be precise, in unmarked gold coins.

    Bring it to the lil' space beneath the bridge in Redridge on Thursday, 1:15am. A lady will be waiting for you there. Tell her "Rhinos dance in the sunset". She'll know what it means.
    You have some serious issues. I like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noin View Post
    Well, in Japanese, it means diarrhea.

    "Geri." Look it up.


    (Honestly, no. What Sengiratolom said.)
    So what does that say about pokemon?

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    Or perhaps because Gary was the name of Oprah's talking rear on South Park. The world may never know...

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    isn't Gary a black gnome in real life or something?

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    yep i vote +1 for the rename bug i had it

    ticket open -> GM changed my name again
    gg ^^

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    Blizz often flags and bans names that are not offensive what so ever. I was not allowed to keep the names "System" or "Masterplan"
    There is no such thing as "ability bloat" just l2fp.

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    i believe there are bugs about renames, try sending a gm a ticket about it, its obviously not offensive.

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