View Poll Results: Sky Golem: Keep it or Sell it after crafting?

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  • Keep it, omg, waited 30 days!

    179 45.32%
  • Sell it, omg, teh goldz!

    151 38.23%
  • A'in't making one, but I'm gonna buy one on the first day available!

    10 2.53%
  • Sky Golem? Meh/don't care

    55 13.92%
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    Sky Golem approaches... to sell or keep?


    As many of you who have engineers and got the book on the first day at the Timeless Isle, we are closely approaching the day when 30 of the daily engineering mats will make it possible to make the Sky Golem (well, assuming you didn't skip a day, but I'm going to go ahead and assume that y'all are OCD like me and have been logging in at 8am on days you can't play just to click that button...).

    SO! With that in mind, who here is keeping theirs, selling theirs (curious what you think they will go for on the first available day), or looking to buy one?


    Edit: for the record, I'm keeping mine... Gold has always seemed reasonable to get through dailies/questing...
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    I'm battling that right now. Part of me wants to see it and buy one a couple of weeks later and another part wants to have it. But i think it will be just like any other mount and barely ever be used because I use HH instead. I'll know in 7 days or so

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    You aren't the only one whos going to be selling this thus the value of this is going to drop quite significantly before you know it there's going to be 15+ of them being undercut again and again personally if I was you I'd keep it now if you can sell try to do so but I highly doubt It's going SELL instantly due to A LOT of competition

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatal View Post
    Aren't they already available via blingtron?
    I've heard rumors of that (or BAH), but haven't seen one on my server...

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    I've read about some people who already had them, but like others I haven't seen one on my server yet. Lucky for me I have 2 engineers, so I get to keep 1 and sell the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geewhiz80 View Post
    I've read about some people who already had them, but like others I haven't seen one on my server yet. Lucky for me I have 2 engineers, so I get to keep 1 and sell the other.
    Damn... that's the best scenario... wish I had that kinda foresight...

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    Im keeping mine, rather have a cool mount then more useless gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasolina View Post
    Damn... that's the best scenario... wish I had that kinda foresight...
    Same here. but it nearly broke me leveling 1 toon from 1 to max.

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    Sell it. You can have one in a month anyway, so why not try to profit? None will be buying them in a few weeks anyway.

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    I'm already on contract for my first one. I'll probably sell the first two and keep the third.

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    I know 945708357 people making them for the idea of selling them for a ton of money on day 30. But I know so many people, I suspect the market will be flooded and they won't sell for shit.

    I made Pierre first because Pierre!!! but when I make my golem, I'm keepin' in.
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    If you're only making one and you're selling that one, you're not a real engineer.

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    If you're hurting for gold, sell your first while it's still hot. Otherwise, just learn it.
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    Try to sell it. If I don't get a decent enough offer, I'll just use it.

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    I have 3 engineers:

    - One is a keeper
    - One will be sold
    - One will be sold in exchange for the 100K Yak

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    50% of the answers in the poll
    >implying that god exists

    OT: If I had one I would keep it.

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    I have less the 10k gold across all my characters and I'm keeping mine. The coolness is just too damn high!
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    Ask yourself, what do you need the gold for? I mean I have about 50k on my main right now and I have more than enough.
    except if I would want to buy an expensive mount like that Sky Golem...

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