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    lvl engineering, is...

    50k enoufh to lvl form 1 to 600 ???


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    I did it with like 9k without ever farming anything at all on a high pop realm so I'd say definitely yes.

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    15k worst case scenario
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    Yesh Engineering is surprisingly cheap on its own.
    When you add the fancy Items of it to the bill it has a pretty hefty cost, however:
    Flying Machines, Mailbox, Worm Holes et cetera take a lot of resources to craft and are costly.
    The Pandaland devices like Dailygift-Robot in particular not only cost much, but also require Spirits of Harmony which adds a grind factor.

    And let's not forget the best utility, your mobile Bank and Repair-Vendor Jeeves. For this one you have to farm recipes of older Repair Bots and the Jeeves Recipe and spend a fortune too.

    It has also a some hidden cost of gaining nothing from levelling Engineering. For Example, you can disenchant the Items you make of Tailoring, Blacksmithing and so forth, regaining several thousand Gold in the process but the Engineering Thermal Anvils you can safely trash away.
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    I payed 36k to get it in a day (+Jeeves) on Sylvanas EU Alliance a few months ago. 50k should be fine.

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    4-5k to get your tinkers(no reason to level it further)

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    If you're going for 600 for the Sky Golem you should do it tonight, get the last 5 points from Darkmoon Faire! But yeah, it varies widely depending on your server economy :/

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    In a heart of my wife...
    with jeeves, gift robot, 2 mounts cost me from1 to 600 25k

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