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    With the addition of SoO, we will now have 13 available LFR sections.

    Would you support a feature similar to a daily heroic, such as daily lfr? What kind of reward would you see it associated with? Gold? A cache of treasures?

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    No, cause I'd rather gouge out my eyes than run those old LFRs.

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    nah i dont think any reward will be good enough for people to run the old LFR's again

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    people run old LFR's all the time for valor

    also, people use the random dungeon for valor as well, yet the dungeons are "old" like the lfr's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkenaw View Post
    No, cause I'd rather gouge out my eyes than run those old LFRs.
    Oh come on. MSV is easy valor.

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    I think with the next expansion we will be seeing not only old mop content for max level, but also previous expansion. Rewards for this? According to ghost crawler that is the only set back at the moment as the technology is in place.

    Should valor be the end all be all reward for everything?

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