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    I'm hairy as hell, so I don't fear it... my mate had the same problems though.

    Anyways, there isn't much for me to say, there are two alternatives, either the person accepts his situation and learn to roll with what they got or they do something about. Some people can really pull it off(shaving the head or cutting it, really really short), my buddy is one of them.
    Shit like this actually goes through your fucking brain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by s_bushido View Post
    I shave my head.

    I noticed a receding hairline and thinning on the top of my head, so I just said "screw it."

    Yeah same here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackmoves View Post
    I'm hairy as hell, so I don't fear it... my mate had the same problems though.
    That is no guarantee. I have hair everywhere but my head.. While good test production will give you body hair, it´s actually not to good for the head hair.
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    I started noticing a slight balding patch on the top of my head, i've always shaved my hair to grade 1/2 since i was 16 (used to have hair down to my bum before that).. One day i was shaving my face and thought "wonder how hard it is to shave my head".. so gave it a go and for the last 4 years shave my head and face at least 3 times a week, now i don't miss having hair.

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    my drinking buddys nicknamed my forehead the magic 8bal because i have a receeding hairline and thining hair I'm now 25 and have found a style that suits my hair with how it is and wear it proud, also sporting a manly beard of manlyness helps
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    I'm 23 and have been losing hair for 5 years. Eventually i'll look exactly like my dad with a bold front and top of my head. But since he is really good looking with the rest of the hair trimmed to about 5-7mm I don't mind looking as good as him. I don't have any bold spots yet, but my hair is very thin at the top, so I just trim it to about 7mm. With a trimmed beard it actually looks pretty good.

    I was terrified at first, but short after I accepted it. You can worry every single day about losing your hair, but that won't make it grow back. It's just time and energy wasted. Just accept it. Confidence is worth a lot more than hair.
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    No. I'm 27 and I am bald. The ladies seem to like it.

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    Bald men, either shaved or naturally, are sexy.

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    Nope can´t say that I fear it.
    At 27 years of age I´ve already shaven my head more than enough times even though I never needed to.
    It makes me sad when people look at me with fear in their eyes when I do shave my head though On the other hand that makes me appreciate my hair a lot more

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    I'm not worried about going bald, no one in my family is bald on either side.

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    I've had a receeding hairline for as long as I can remember.
    Wasn't until a few years ago, I noticed the (for lack of better words) jew spot. You know, that one untop of your head?
    Anyways, that spot is starting to thin out. I think I have 1 maybe 2 years left, until it looks stupid and I have to shave it all off.

    Coming to terms with it though. When I first noticed, so did all of my friends. And the "teasing" actually hurt, a lot.
    It's fine now though, I have the beard to carry a bald head.
    I dont fear it, but I'dd rather have hair..
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    No, I will never go bald naturally so no, not worried about it at all.

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    I kinda do, but it's mostly from a "change I can't control" perspective. Just turned 31, still have a full head of hair, although it's drawn in a bit at the temples and hairline. But then I saw a photo of me from 18 and realized that it still looks about the same, I just notice it more since I see it every day. /shrug

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    Nope, All my grandparents and parents have have/had a full head of hair. Ill be a Silver Fox for sure, but not bald.

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    If I started going bald, I'd certainly just shave my hair off and be done with it. But seeing as my grandfather had extremely lush hair even near his 60s (obviously all grey by this point), I don't think I have to worry about ever going bald.
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    none of males very very old or young is bald in family so no.
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    One of my friends started going bald at about 16 and blames it on always wearing a cap...but his dad and one of his brothers also went bald quite young...he ended up just accepting it after a while and started shaving the rest of his head to match.
    I started going grey at about 26 and now have fairly large areas of grey (really can't be arsed to dye it) but I think only 1 male in the last few generations of my family has gone bald so I've never really worried about that...would probably just shave my head all the time if I did start to go bald.

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    I'm 29, and I have been thinning for about 2 years. It doesn't really bother me much. I just keep my hair buzzed really short now. /shrug
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bantokar View Post
    That is no guarantee. I have hair everywhere but my head.. While good test production will give you body hair, it´s actually not to good for the head hair.
    I know mate, but I got lots on my head to so thats not really a problem for me and I'm closing in on 29 yo .
    Shit like this actually goes through your fucking brain?

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    nopee not at all.. and if i would i , would just shave my head.. ;D or that what is left of it..
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