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    was blizzards titan supposed to be f2p mmofps ?

    what is it gonna be now after redoing ?

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    how should we know, all we know the name and MMO gender.
    We will hear something about it in 3 years, that is all we know.
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    ^this. everything we knew about it was 100% speculation. not even sure where people got the mmofps idea from because ive yet to really see anyone from blizzard even hint at that.

    also we dont even know the name since titan is only a codeword. going off of only that leaves us nothing. i think its just best to drop titan for now since blizzard is being totally tight lipped about it and have no signs of showing anything. especially since they scrapped the original project and started from scratch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Khatolic View Post
    was blizzards titan supposed to be f2p mmofps ?

    what is it gonna be now after redoing ?
    We don't know much about it. We know it'll be an MMO, and it'll be F2P. Though, I hope for RPG and not FPS. Titan isn't even it's name, that's a project name.
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    We have a thread in our video game board for speculation on titan -
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