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    [Movies] RoboCop trailier (Remake)

    I just saw the trailer. I have to say I'm pretty surprised that it looks half decent!

    Not a bad cast either!

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    PG-13 still kind of disappointing...not because it loses the violence and language and so on, but you lose some of the more visceral elements and subject matter that really helped emphasize Murphy's transformation from Man to Machine in the original. That being said...yes the cast is impressive, effects look decent enough and I'll probably go see it regardless.

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    Looks decent. I must have watched the first two Robocops hundreds of times (I actually thought the 2nd one was good) and would definitely pay to see this.

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    it is disappointing that they took out the fact of loss, practically in the first one the whole thing was him realizing he is actually human, not a machine someone who had a normal life, something to lose, and making a connection with his humanity again, mostly through the point that he had an antagonist, death by a car explosion takes away the shock of revenge, all the emotions he suffered when he was being executed.
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    after checking this new trailer that old robocop 3 is masterpiece when compare to this and it was pure crap
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    I love the cast but, it seems too light on violence, plus PG-13. Plus I always liked Dredd better, I could never get into Robocop Jesus

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    I have the same feeling as with the Total Recall remake, 2hours ~ action movie, nothing else
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    This is just a minor nitpick in a sea of legitimate complaints about this new film but... I really still don't like the human right hand. It just looks so stupid.

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    Looks worser than Robocop 3! and thats saying something.

    I mean FFS where is the Ultra Violence, The satire, The Fact Alex Murphy doesnt die and get resurrected instead this is just a watered downed pile of shit designed to appeal to kiddies and comic book Iron man fans and not fans of the original Robocop movie like me

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    Least they kept the badass catch phrase "Dead or alive, you're coming with me."

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    Well I'm glad that the trailer showed me all of the movie so I don't have to go watch it. Hollywood, stop destroying everything, please. Do something new, don't try to remake legends you only fail at it.

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    The redesign looked pretty freaking good in the trailer when it was still silver. I'll still probably see it, but if it sucks then at least we still have the original.

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    Still not sure if I will give this one a shot. Originally when I heard of a remake I was very skeptical. Paul Verhoeven has a very distinctive style which made these movies awesome when they came out. In no way do I believe this movie will equal or surpass the original but it might still be worth watching.

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    Not sure what to think really, it takes away alot of good elements from the origional but I will still give it a go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naidia View Post
    I love the cast but, it seems too light on violence, plus PG-13. Plus I always liked Dredd better, I could never get into Robocop Jesus

    But judge jesus is ok?

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    Not sure how people can make a comparison based on a trailer to shit like RoboCop 3...

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    PG-13, corny ass trailer....meh

    Not saying that Robocop movies aren't cheesy, but there's a difference between 80s funny cheesy and this trailer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaiawase View Post
    This is just a minor nitpick in a sea of legitimate complaints about this new film but... I really still don't like the human right hand. It just looks so stupid.

    Thats all I could look at every time he was on screen and it was like.. distracting me from everything else.

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    Well to me it doesn't look too bad. I like the new Robocop design but seeing how they actually brought back the original look from the first movie and THEN went to the new look, that was kind of disappointing. Comparing the two I much much more prefer the silver armor over the new black armor although the helmet from the black armor looks pretty cool. I also agree that this movie should've been rated R. When a movie is as action packed like Robocop make it an R movie not PG-13. Whenever I think of a PG-13 movie I automatically think of stuff like superhero movies like Spiderman or Superman or movies like Star Wars or Indiana Jones and movies that aren't designed with heavy language and violence. Robocop is an R movie. He's not a super hero or some adventurer, hes a damn cyborg cop who shoots people's faces off.
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