View Poll Results: Would you like to see Blizzard implement more Dynamic Questing in Future

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  • No

    4 13.79%
  • Yes, but sparingly

    4 13.79%
  • Yes, I quite liked Battlefield: Barrens

    5 17.24%
  • Yes, but as long as they refine/improve the idea drastically first

    16 55.17%
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    Would you like to see Blizzard implement more Dynamic Questing in Future?

    Whilst I personally love the idea of deviating from 'Kill X mobs' or 'Loot Y objects', I think a concept such as Battlefield: Barrens could be refined and implemented to greater success.

    I think that dailies could be complimented with dynamic events such as invasions, scouting party sightings, etc that are announced zone wide and reward gold/rep/loot bags for participation.

    I dislike the current iteration of dynamic quests solely due to the ridiculous period of time Battlefield: Barrens requires if done solo or without alot of gear (Which is exactly why you're doing it to begin with) but I feel the idea has ALOT of potential.

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    As long as it has nothing to do with faction conflict, dynamic events are fun.
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    The main issue would be scaling, I think. If they even have the technology to do it, I hope they also avoid the GW2 trap of hard = all mechanics and the boss one shot you

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