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    An issue with getting into an LFR group for Pinnacle of Storms.

    A couple days ago now I entered a queue in LFR for Pinnacle of Storms which is the last part of the Thunder King raid and when I get to the loading screen I just get stuck there until it disconnects me. I tried like 5 more times after that happened and still nothing happened, just stuck on the loading screen. After a while though when I log back on that character I'll be back at my inn. I tried entering again to see if it was just some random bug but when I did, it happened again. Does anyone else have this problem or at least have a similar problem to this? I can enter other LFR raids no problem just like last night I was doing the new Siege of Orgrimmar raids and entered in fine. It's just that one segment of the Thunder King raid that I can enter on LFR.

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    Message a GM would be my first action.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamthedevil View Post
    Message a GM would be my first action.
    Yeah I'm going to try it again when I get home and if it happens again I will.

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    Try running the game repair tool. Sounds like you probably have some corrupted data.

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