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    WC4 thread pops up from time to time. I would say the chance WC4 will happen is almost zero because

    1. RTS market these day is not large enough compare to MMO,MOBA,FPS or any casual games out there. It doesn't justify the cost of making epic RTS with a lot of cinematics and high production value.

    2. SC2 sold around 6 million copies not including HotS so now it's fastest selling RTS game of all time but you know what? the sell pales in comparision to WoW or D3. HS will likely give more money to Blizzard in the long run too.

    3. RTS genre in general simply doesn't suit the direction gaming market is going these day. The industry is leaning toward easy to pick up and mechanically accessible games. RTS genre hardly has them.

    4. RTS market has transformed itself into MOBA market. MOBA is the form of RTS that has been "changed" to cater to players these day.

    All of these are coming from a big fan of Blizzard's RTS games especially StarCraft series like me. My prediction is that Blizzard will likely not make another RTS game after they are done with SC2. They will shift their gear to Blizzard Allstar.

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    What comes after the number 3?

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    Warcraft 4 would have to either go far into the future of Warcraft history, somewhere between 100-200 years, or do a complete reboot of the franchise.

    Reasons being that WoW has pretty much covered all there is to old/current lore, most of the players' achievements have been thwarting every known major character there is and killing beings of immense power who made up the pantheon of godlike creatures that existed in Warcraft lore.

    What would Warcraft 4 do in lore if it was to take place right after WoW? There is almost nothing left save for the Burning Legion to fight, and the Old Gods would all have to resurface at once to make a dent enough to be a serious threat after all the times weve dealt with them as it currently stands (I know they may not be "dead" since we fought them in already weakened circumstances, but their lore has become too commonplace for a whole new title to be made about them alone).

    A legion-themed Warcraft 4 would pretty much be a WC3 continuation where half of the main characters in the old game are dead or missing, which would mean a rather haphazard story plot to drive it forward using new characters that nobody had heard of before (not that that is entirely bad, WCIII did this to a rather large extent) that many people would kind of be disjointed in following coming from WoW, it would be rather awkward on every stage of the game since the whole theme is the legion and it will have a "been there, done that" feel that people would have a hard time getting over.

    Why I say it should take place 100-200 years later is because it would allow for time to give way to new backdrops in Azeroth, and expand current lore that exists in wow to have a long existing history that explains what the new setting is and how it came to be that way. It also sets up a better starting point for a plot if Blizzard wants to try and take the Warcraft Universe in a new direction theme wise and gameplay wise as well.

    Either that, or start a rebooting of the franchise from Warcraft I, which would give them WAY more room to mess around with by the time they get back to Warcraft III/WoW era lore
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    The fact that Warcraft IV hasn't already released (and they aren't at least in some stage of planning for Warcraft V) is one of the biggest mistakes Blizzard has ever made with regard to sustaining and growing the subscriber base.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    Seems unlikely, IMO the only way they could do it is if it ran side by side with a WoW expansion.

    Also don't know how much Blizzard would really want to do it, RTS is a bit niche these days.
    RTS is hardly a niche, its going strong like many other genres. Rome 2 just came out, and the total war series alone, not to mention the Command & Conquer (that in my opinion sucks since after Tiberian sun)
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    Titan is wc4

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    No, I don't think Warcraft 4 is coming any time soon.

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    If they were to do Warcraft 4, I'd like to see it released in between WoW expansions and act as a timebridge between the 2. We really do need some sort of timeskip to allow the younger characters to grow up and become more plot relevant, and to add new dimensions to older characters.
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    If it means that Horde and Alliance will get their plot armor removed... sure.
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    I remember in an interview back in 2009 or 10 when they were asked that question they said that they had no plans to make a wc4 and wont start making plans for it until sc2 is done with its final expansion. So it's likely the sc2 team will move to make wc4 or perhaps another project (titan?) maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by manicwrath View Post
    Titan is wc4
    We can dream.

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    WC4 is stupid cuz it would clash with WoW lore.

    Better to take SC2 engine n make a fun remake of WC 1+2.

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    The story is there n so are the kewl characters, why go through the effort of wc 4? Who is going to star in it? Med'an?..
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    Look at it this way, traditional RTS games are dead, with exception of Starcraft 2 that most of the people bought purely out of nostalgia. On the other hand, MMOs are dying genre, so maybe we can expect brand new game related to warcraft lore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSnail View Post
    Look at it this way, traditional RTS games are dead, with exception of Starcraft 2 that most of the people bought purely out of nostalgia. On the other hand, MMOs are dying genre, so maybe we can expect brand new game related to warcraft lore.

    Hearthstone and Blizzard All Stars (Dota) say Hi !

    If Blizzard is smart they will put Titan on hold (they did) and will probably rebuilt it as a Warcraft reborn... with complete new features - even non MMORPG like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas82 View Post
    From what they've said they won't make any more warcraft rts games while WoW is still going.
    where did they say it?
    in interview when someone asked they said their RTS team is busy making SC2 (LotV now), and any WC4 development if possible, could start after they finish it, in a year or something

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    I'm also pretty sure that they mentioned the war elements from MOP where originally going to be in Warcraft 4 before it got scrapped. So clearly it's still be considered.
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    Well, blizzard is doing well, perhaps there will be an WC4, or not ........

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    i would love a WC 4 so much but if they are considering it then it probably won't be made for quite a while

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    Only if WoW dies.

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    I can wrap this up in a single word: Nope.

    Not gonna happen, sorry. WoW is where the lore is progressing now.

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