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    Warlock Season 14, LFR CtA, SoO Boss Previews, Timeless Isle, Method vs Midwinter

    Console Difficulty Settings, Blue Posts, New Wallpaper: "The Crusader"

    Music for Duelists - Part 2

    Patch 5.4 - Season 14 Warlock Armor Set
    Keep in mind that this is just a preview and the final set may be different!

    Patch 5.4 - Raid Finder Call to Arms
    Patch 5.4 adds the Call to Arms feature to Raid Finder. There is a new Satchel of Cosmic Mysteries to go with it, which likely contains similar items to the Misty Satchel of Exotic Mysteries. Keep in mind that Patch 5.4 allows you to queue for multiple LFR wings at once!

    Patch 5.4 - Spoils of Pandaria and Thok the Bloodthirsty Preview
    Spoils of Pandaria and Thok the Bloodthirsty are the tenth and eleventh bosses in the Siege of Orgrimmar. Both encounters take place under Ragefire Chasm.

    FEEDBACK: Downfall (Raid Finder)
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    The final wing of Siege of Orgrimmar will shortly be available on Raid Finder mode, and will remain available through the weekend. Note that Garrosh is not accessible. Thus, groups that defeat the Paragons of the Klaxxi encounter are functionally done with the wing, and will have to leave the group manually at that point.

    Please use this thread to provide feedback on any of the bosses being tested in this wing, including group makeup (premade, random, mixed) and Determination stack count.

    Blue Posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Patch 5.4 Currency Resets
    Only Conquest is being converted to Honor when Patch 5.4 goes live. There will be no changes to Justice or Valor Points.(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Siege of Orgrimmar Raid Testing
    I will test this out with my guild this weekend, I'm sure, but why exactly are we getting LFR testing instead of Flex? Why is Garrosh not active in LFR testing? If Flex comes available this evening, will Garrosh be accessible in that testing environment?
    We don't have plans for additional Flexible testing. As for Garrosh in particular, we want him to be defeated for the first time on the live servers, where it counts. In the past, several final bosses such as Yogg-Saron or the Lich King were never publicly tested on any difficulty at all, for just this reason.

    As for Flexible tuning, we're satisfied with the current state of tuning for the first three wings, and we can heavily extrapolate from Normal tuning and how that plays out when it comes to nailing down the Flex tuning for the final wing. Flexible mode has much, much more in common with Normal than with Raid Finder -- all mechanics are present, the zone entails a gear and difficulty progression, and so forth. In the case of Raid Finder, on the other hand, specific mechanics may need to be profoundly reworked or removed entirely to accommodate the dynamics of randomly matchmade groups, so making sure that we see as many fights as possible in LFR on PTR is a priority. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    An Evening on the Timeless Isle
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
    The following travelogue comes to us courtesy of officer and gentleman, Major Payne, who is—according to the bio he sent us—one of Azeroth’s noblest and most beloved icons of honor and humility. Enjoy.

    It’s dawn and something just doesn’t feel right. It’s almost as if the axis of Azeroth wobbled a bit overnight, and this time it had nothing to do with me smackin’ Oondasta upside the head. I have an uneasy feeling, and if you know me, I won’t stop until I’ve figured out what the problem is, found a way to resolve it, and made sure someone went home crying. You like my style, don’t you?

    Well, whaddya know? I’ve just entered the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and can feel my journal rustling about inside my satchel. It appears a mysterious person has magically scribbled a note titled “A Flash of Bronze” and that I’m to seek out my old friend Chromie. As much as I like to flirt with cute little gnomes who can gnaw my face off, I opt to avoid long conversation and put these uneasy feelings to rest. She hands me a Curious Bronze Timepiece which I quizzically ponder for a moment: I guess there’s no harm in me using its powers to see what happens. I’ll just hold it in one hand and wave the other over the top, and . . . *FWOOSH*

    Now see, according to my Gnomish Army Knife’s compass and my calculations of the stars that have suddenly appeared above, I’m southeast of the Jade Forest on what I’m being told is Tushui Landing on the Timeless Isle. Hmmm, this wasn’t here yesterday when I swam by doing my daily laps around Pandaria. Methinks a challenge is afoot! And it goes without saying—but I’ll say it anyway—my existence and the glory of my presence must be felt by every living creature on this planet. So off I go!

    I’m not on the Isle for two seconds before I notice an Ancient Spineclaw giving me the crook-eye. To arms, you clot! I engage in battle with the angry crustacean, who actually scratches my precious armor with its Claw Flurry. Unacceptable! Following a mighty swing of my hammer, it lets out a screech and keels over. Much to my surprise and delight, however, it’s carrying a new kind of currency I’ve never seen before: Timeless Coins! And as if that wasn’t sweet enough, it’s even coughed up a Lesser Charm of Good Fortune. Cha-ching!

    No time to admire things that aren’t quite as impressive as I am: With gusto, I head off deeper into the forest away from the Timeless Shore in search of more challenging adventures. Felling limbless reptiles, rabid cranes, and really angry yaks, I discover the Celestial Court. It’s surrounded by denizens of Pandaria, vendors, hozen, and—oh look—there’s Chen and Li Li Stormstout! And there’s the infamous Fo Sho Knucklebump, and the Monkey King, Old Hillpaw, and wow, even Ling of the Six Pools! She’s a legend around Icecrown for her love of cheese.

    That’s when I happen upon Master Li. He offers me the opportunity to face some of my fellow champions in an epic Pet Battles tournament, and I happily accept. Wrathion, Blingtron 4000, Shademaster Kiryn . . . all of them fall to my remarkable team. Can you feel it?!

    Up next are the children of the Celestials, which—if I may say so myself—are quite impressive. Sadly, not as impressive as me! Down they go, one by one, and I’m rewarded with a few Celestial Coins. Turns out, Master Li also holds these same children as pets I’m able to adopt, and since I showed them who’s boss in the arena, I choose Yu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon. Come on, who wouldn’t want a dragon to follow them around?!

    Directly west of my position I can smell hops and barley, but it really isn’t all that pleasant. In fact, it’s rather more like Eau de Highlands Skunk. I turn and head into Old Pi’jiu where I find several Skunky Brew Alementals. Skunky . . . who’d a thunk it? Smashin’ and dashin’, I lay waste to these stinky beings only to fill up a giant cask summoning Zhu-Gon the Sour, an even bigger stinky being. Heh, not a problem. KAPOW! SMASH! BOOM! Down it goes, and in the stain it leaves on the grass? My very own Skunky Alemental pet! I may mix up my team now . . . stop it, Grizzle, I’m kidding!

    Whew, this adventuring is almost making me tired. I said almost! And that’s when I hear it. Bleating. Pathetic, miserable noises that can only be categorized as bleating because really, aren’t yaungol just a bunch of sheep? Especially the ones around the Firewalker Ruins. Just as I’m about to smite a whole village of these flea-bitten mongrels, I notice a really big chest tucked behind the wall. STOMP! With the yaungol all stunned, I quickly open the chest and go back to finishing each of them off. When the fracas is all said and done, I realize I’ve collected some sort of epic loot! It’s just an item, but the inscription tells me I can create a piece of armor if I were to channel its power. New kicks for Payne!

    Seriously, the amount of land to cover and creatures to lay waste to is far too immense to even explain. I won’t even begin to tell you about Ordos and why flaming bits of him are stuck to my shield. Let’s just say I’ve made this island my—ouch! One of the yaungol’s fleas bit me and now I have an itch. Anyway, my tales tend to cause minds to melt very quickly, so I’ll leave you with this: Whispershade Hollow, Red Stone Run, the Blazing Way, the Cavern of Lost Spirits, a mysterious floating skull, and a ghostly world riddled with chests. There are countless events, encounters, smelly animals, and delicious noms for you to enjoy. SO GET MOVIN’!!

    The Siege Fundraiser - Method vs Midwinter
    GamingForGood is trying to raise the last $500,000 this weekend for Save the Children, and along with all of the other streams going on this weekend, you can see Method and Midwinter race through Heroic Throne of Thunder! The race begins at 1PM EST / 7 PM CET on Sunday.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
    Before laying siege to Orgrimmar with the release of Patch 5.4 next week, take some time to clean the Tortos juice off your kicks and tune into Athene’s World of Warcraft marathon live streams this Saturday and Sunday. Hosted on, this event will feature a number of popular Twitch streamers doing what they do best all weekend long, including a live race between top-ranked guilds Method and Midwinter through 25-player Heroic Throne of Thunder.

    To help celebrate the impending release of Mists of Pandaria’s last major content patch, Athene will be offering more than[/b] $10,000 in prizes[/b] to current and returning players alike, including 60-day time codes and digital keys for the WoW Battle Chest, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria.

    “The Siege” officially begins at 5 a.m. PDT (2 p.m. CEST) Saturday, September 7 and will go all weekend, though the fun is already underway. Hit the button below to get to the main event page and begin your quest.

    Starcraft Universe
    StarCraft Universe is a fan created Starcraft II mod that aims to create a MMO-RPG style game within Starcraft. It tells a story set in an alternate reality, where Kerrigan wasn't able to stop the hybrid’s assault, and the protoss are overwhelmed and defeated

    The dev team is currently running a Kickstarter campaign and has released a multiplayer demo, so be sure to give it a try if you are interested!

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    SCU looks nice as fuck. Too bad I play on a toaster.
    Warrior|Druid|Death Knight|Hunter|Priest
    Quote Originally Posted by Josuke View Post
    No i'd rather shit on and ruin a thread than just ignore it. I'm not one who ignores problems if it's not already obvious to you.

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    Neat, gl with the charity.

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    Raid Finder call to arms? I'm okay with this.

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    SCU looks really good. Amazed what people can do with the SC2 engine.

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    Wow theyve come a long way with SCU. It was rather rough looking at first, but damn does it look fine now. Are you taking note Blizzard?!?!

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    Warlock armor looks familiar

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    Hmm LFR Call to Arms.... not bad. Might get me to tank them again.

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    Raid Finder Call to Arms - This is awesome but I hope queue times aren't ridiculous. I always chose to do randoms because they were faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Iron Fist View Post
    Wow theyve come a long way with SCU. It was rather rough looking at first, but damn does it look fine now. Are you taking note Blizzard?!?!
    Still really really rough man :P and hard to see it ever going anywhere. Blizzard will do something before they ever get anything polished. very wow feeling with slender graphics.
    Death Smiles at us all.

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    SCU plays terrible. The engine and network just don't support anything MMOish.

    And wtf. Warlock Armor still with the damned blades sticking out of the hat. It's like they destroy pretty good looking armor on purpose by putting spikes and blades on them.

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    LOL wtf that warlock set WHY would they put spikes It's like ''IF WE PUT SPIKES everything will be a-okay!''

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    Quote Originally Posted by I make people mad View Post
    LOL wtf that warlock set WHY would they put spikes It's like ''IF WE PUT SPIKES everything will be a-okay!''
    The spikes do glow though so it's a plus.

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    Warlock set looks awesome. Might just do some pvp for that.

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    LFG fails to award the satchel if someone leaves mid-dungeon and you get re-queued and the CTA isn't active at that time.
    Can't wait to see how many bags don't get awarded with the people dropping in and out of LFR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vynistra View Post
    LFG fails to award the satchel if someone leaves mid-dungeon and you get re-queued and the CTA isn't active at that time.
    Can't wait to see how many bags don't get awarded with the people dropping in and out of LFR.
    Thats the point,they needed an incentive to stop douche bags leaving all the time,now this is the answer.

    Now though commences all the whining about "WHY I GOTA STAY IN LFR TO GET STUPEEEDD BAG I UNHAPPY GORIRRA NOWS"

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    I've always liked the idea of a Starcraft MMO, but not one that deviates from the story or uses a RTS engine. Kudos though for making it something of a reality!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vynistra View Post
    LFG fails to award the satchel if someone leaves mid-dungeon and you get re-queued and the CTA isn't active at that time.
    Can't wait to see how many bags don't get awarded with the people dropping in and out of LFR.
    That's new for me: is this bug there since 5.3? Because before i always got my satchel when we needed to requeue; even when CTA wasn't active.

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    The warlock armor... kind of looks like DK armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobleshield View Post
    Hmm LFR Call to Arms.... not bad. Might get me to tank them again.
    You will tank LFR for a flask that costs 50g on the AH?

    Not saying this isn´t a good idea, but as a tank who tanks a ton of PUG dungeons and gets many bags per week, the bags are nothing.

    I can basically solo heroic dungeons now, and most take like 8 mins. If I see the bag is up, sure, I will top off my VP by doing a quick dungeon. I think there is still 1 mount in the bag I don´t have, and some of the pets you can get sell for a decent amount. But almost all of the time you get nothing but a gem or a flask, and both are basically worthless now.

    Unless the LFR bag contains some of the more rare mounts or something amazing.... if you aren´t going to tank LFR, I can´t imagine the bags would tempt you. My guess is it won´t tempt people to tank LFR, instead it will make people who were going to tank LFR wait until a satchel is up to queue. That is what I do with LFD. I know I need to do 4-5 heroics per week, and I also know that it is easy to just wait until a satchel is up.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Vynistra View Post
    LFG fails to award the satchel if someone leaves mid-dungeon and you get re-queued and the CTA isn't active at that time.
    Can't wait to see how many bags don't get awarded with the people dropping in and out of LFR.
    That is false. That issue was resolved a few months after CTA bags were implemented years ago.

    The system flags you for a bag as soon as you queue. If you queue for LFD when CTA is indicated, you get a bag no matter what happens afterwards. Even if CTA drops off BEFORE you get put in a group, as long as you queued while it was up, you get the bag.

    The only issue I think there might be is that there is some UI lag. I see CTA up, I queue, and immediately the CTA drops off.. In those cases, it seems about 50-50%

    I do a ton of CTA dungeons, and I get a bag about 99% of the time I expect to get them. Players dropping group have no effect on it anymore, and hasn´t for a very long time.

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