View Poll Results: Who is your favorite Horror flick villain

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  • Freddy Krueger

    4 19.05%
  • Michael Myers

    1 4.76%
  • Jason Vorhees

    0 0%
  • Chucky

    0 0%
  • Other villain

    16 76.19%
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    [Movies] Horror movie favorite

    So as stated in the title. Which is your favorite horror flick villain and why?

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    Jigsaw. I want to play a game.

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    Freddy Kreuger! He is batsh*t crazy
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    Xenomorphs. Predators and The Thing are great too. Malevolent, predatory aliens are usually pretty cool.

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    The Blair witch.

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    Pennywise the clown.
    From the movies "IT".

    I looked under my bed for years after watching that that.
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    Freddy is the most evil one so far in this thread. Taking revenge on the parents who killed him, he goes as far as torturing and murdering their kids first, and they know damn well that its their own fault, yet don't want to admit it.

    All the other villains simply instantly kill their victims

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    Ghostface from Scream.
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    rutger hauer in the hitcher (the original). if it hadnt been for the derpy ass ending it would have been possibly the creepiest damned movie ever. and rutger doesnt need any special powers or claws to be scary. he just has to WILL it, and voila, he is the creepiest man on the planet, and can do it with a smile
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    1st: Xenomorph of Alien.

    2nd: The Creeper of Jeeper's Creepers.

    3rd: Damien of The Omen.

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    Xenomorphs. Or the mouse in my kitchen.
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