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    Quote Originally Posted by So bored View Post
    Yes, poisoning the ground with radiation for 30 years looks like a legit way start a colony.

    "Welcome to the Moon, colonists. Have some complimentary cancer."
    I think the idea is that there wouldn't be an actual colony for over 30 years anyways so by the time it actually went into motion the radiation would be gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lockedout View Post
    I don't know since I don't have moon water.
    Would you try it with out anyone testing it?
    I'm not sure that a moon colonist would just pick up a chunk of ice and melt it to make a cup of tea without having tested it first, even if they are English and gasping for a cuppa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lockedout View Post
    Maybe bacteria foreign pathogens I have no idea but I wouldn't drink it.
    If they found bacteria and foreign pathogens everyone would be overjoyed as they discovered real live aliens on the moon

    Water is water, as long as it's not full of moon sand and not radioactive it should be fine

    If there really is no water on the moon it's a huge setback. something that can and will be worked out for sure, but delaying a permanent moon-base by a couple of decades at least.

    there's no way we will "import" water from earth to the moon, and we can't just, as someone said, condense water there in wet-rooms, that's not how space works.

    I reccon we're going to get ahold of an ice asteroid and get the water we need from it.
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    Does moon water taste like cheese?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacox View Post
    Does moon water taste like cheese?
    well obviously, by deduction we can assert that since it's been aging in cheese, it's going to taste like cheese. unless it's all been absorded by the chese, which the scientist are afraid has happened.

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    Meh, can't be any worse then water in Mexico.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    Sorry Professor Didactic, with your PhD in useful responses would you like to enlighten us as to how cosmic rays work?

    Or is it more beneficial to the coversation to have your dig and water the high horse.
    Sure, let's look at your original question: "wouldn't it be full of radiation"?

    Radioactive contamination occurs when radioactive materials (like uranium) are dispersed into air, water, dirt. The air, water, and dirt does not in itself become radioactive - it is simply the holding and dispersal mechanism for the radioactive material. The only way for a material to become radioactive is a large flux of high energy neutrons, and ambient cosmic rays do not provide that concentration in short enough periods even to something lacking a magnetosphere like the moon, especially given that 99% of cosmic rays are simply ionized atoms. It is not like a battery where you "charge up" the level of radiation.
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    Wait, I thought piccolo blew up the moon... man i haven't been outside in a long time.
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    I don't believe that using water from the moon with all the effort and technology that would be required to get at it would necessarily be cheaper than just sending supplies from earth and using a water reclamation system on the moon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by So bored View Post
    Yes, poisoning the ground with radiation for 30 years looks like a legit way start a colony.

    "Welcome to the Moon, colonists. Have some complimentary cancer."
    Space is already incredibly radioactive. Without an active magnetosphere, any Martian colonists would be subjected to a lifetimes worth of radiation exposure in just a few years, and that isn't including exposure during transit. Radiation from a nuke would be the very least of their radiation problems, but that said, decontamination procedures for irradiated areas are well known and can be utilized. After all, weren't Hiroshima and Nagasaki repopulated and rebuilt not long after their bombings? It's hardly "radioactive hell for 10,000 years" kind of stuff.

    They could also use low-radiation weapon designs. It's just some ideas that have been used, but it's likely they'll be used one day. After all, it is not feasible to send an Earth Mover to Mars. Martian Earthbuilders will have to be fabricated there. Barring that, the required underground base any early martian colony will need will have to be built using explosives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djalil View Post
    You bombed the moon as well?!
    They had WMD's perhaps? ~^

    On topic: If you need water there, I'm sure it's possible to gather some asteroid with a decent amount of water-ice on it, and land it on the moon. Or we could just hop the moon and go for Mars or one of the Jupiter moons that we know have water.
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