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    Your job and do you earn more than you should or less?

    I work as a domestic machines salesman, including everything in that field. I have a base salary and i earn a profit from the the profit that my company makes from what i sell. I live in Finland and make about 60000€ per year. That is very well in Finland.

    My point is that to me it comes quite easily. I am in our firms top sellers list every month, but i don't have to make too much of an effort to make it there. My sister and her husband are both surgeons, my sister is neurologist and her husband is a hearth surgeon and they make about twice as much as i do, but they had to study 12 years to reach that level in their profession. In my opinion, me being in a profession that doesn't need any education, even if i am very good at it, shouldn't win my sister and her husband in terms of earnings until we reach the retirement.

    What do you think and do you earn more or less than you should?

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    I work as a teacher in a specialist school. I earn £34,000 a year.

    I'd say my job is challenging (I'm a glorified child bouncer that is expected to get results with little scallywags). I had to study for 3 years to get it and I didn't start on 34k. But I do start at 9 and finish at 3, have alot of holiday (hence why I got into it). And I don't take my work home with me. Those are the hours I'm employed for and I maybe spend 1 hour outside of that planning. I'm pretty happy with my pay, I think its fair.

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    i should earn less.
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    British army, I earn more than I should because I know how to claim all the expenses most people do not bother with.
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    I've been a military officer for a good many years.

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    I should earn more. My civilian job is boring, tedious, and brings no joy to my life.

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    I live in Norway and I am a newly educated Powerline technician and I earn: 46707euros a year. I have no problem paying for myself and my girlfriend each month, I am currently working my way up to the level our experienced workers are on wich is around 59000euros a year.

    Then again most people earn alot in Norway compared to the rest of Europe but it is alot more expencive to live in Norway aswell :P as an example a normal price on a 0.5L beer out on a pub/club is around 10-12euros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Jensen View Post
    I should earn more. My civilian job is boring, tedious, and brings no joy to my life.
    Thats a reasonable enough argument for a raise.

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    I should earn more, but I'm ok with it now.
    Unlimited power and no responsibility whatsoever. The fun of that negates all the financial disadvantages :P
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    Just labouring right not for a contracting company and I make way more than I should for a job that a trained monkey could do.

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    Student programmer who the University donates my time to non-profits for a tax break of $25 an hour. I also have to pay the university for the privilege so way less than I will be next year.

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    Nightshift worker at a hotel, I earn about 25 000 NOK a month before taxes, I get paid pretty good for two weeks of work over a month.

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    sales associate part time while i study for lsat

    im alright with the pay. i get 6 bucks an hour with commission i average pretty much

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    At my "regular" job I earn about 4 bucks an hour less than the national average for a comparable position. That being said, this job gives me the flexibility I need to run my farm, which I wouldn't have at the so called comparable position.

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    Age 19 working in a stsore for 21USD (140NOK) an hour before taxes, the standard fee for a 16-20 year old worker in a job requiring no education other than the couple of hours provided at work, nor is any experience necessary but as always, helps when you're looking for a new job. 21 USD brings significantly less purchasing power in the US compared to Norway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MMKing View Post
    Age 19 working in a stsore for 21USD (140NOK) an hour before taxes, the standard fee for a 16-20 year old worker in a job requiring no education other than the couple of hours provided at work, nor is any experience necessary but as always, helps when you're looking for a new job. 21 USD brings significantly less purchasing power in the US compared to Norway.
    what the hell kinda store do you work in making 21$/hr?

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    25 and working as an asset surveyor for Housing new zealand while i study quantity surveying.
    im earning about $25.50 per house i look at, and 12.50 if they refuse me entry.

    is pretty good since on a average week i come home with a paycheck about $1k. and only work about 4-5 hours a day between classes.

    not worth it in my mind, the amount of horrible state houses i have to go into, feel threatened, unsafe, listen to storie of domestic abuse and have to report drug use etc. all while small children live in squaller. is heart breaking.
    id prefer live in ignorance and earn minimum wage.

    but this paying for my degree so im not allowed to complain

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    Own and run a few businesses. Not talking about what I earn because jealousy brings out the worst in people.
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    Right now I think I get paid more than enough for what I do, I make ~$20,000 a year working part time as a salesman. However my career will be a paramedic/firefighter and I don't think they get paid enough for what they do. Starting salary is like $50,000 a year in Florida which is higher than most other state. It won't stop me from becoming a paramedic/firefighter because I'm not doing it for the money, however I feel like the job deserves more for the danger we get put in.
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    Way more and I won't say what I do because I don't need people fucking it up for me.
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    Because it's like getting a gift from your girlfriend thought would be really special and throwing it out as the first thing to pawn off because you needed to pay bills. This is a gift that is supposed to commemorate your love for the game and is a deeply intimate type of gift.
    This shit is fucking sad.

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    I make less than I should. Others in different companies in the same position earn ~$5 more an hour than I do, while handling about 1/3 the volume of merchandise sales I do.

    Oh, well. Hopefully once I get my dual degrees I can start making the good money.
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