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    Where should I quest?

    I haven't really done any of the new 1-60 leveling content that they put in with Cata so I don't really know how the stories unfold from zone to zone. I want to do the Alliance Kalimdor quests just for the story but I don't want to go back further than I have to for the experience that I want. I know that in stonetalon there is what looks like an Ally vs Horde resource war going on. That's the part I'd like to play. So are there quests leading up to Stonetalon story wise or does that story start in Stonetalon? Like do I need to go all the way back to Darkshore or Ashenvale?

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    The resource war part goes all the way back to Darkshore, but the line that leads to those quests you want to do really doesn't start until the base just outside of Stonetalon. I believe it's called "Stardust Spire." You show up there and it begins by them telling you to rescue some Gnomes and that leads to revelations you follow into Stonetalon.

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    Guess I'm going all the way back to Darkshore then lol. I was really hoping to avoid it. I just really REALLY don't like Darkshore.

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    It seems like darkshore has improved based on the stories I've heard about how it was in the past, I've only done it in cata though.

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