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    Giant snail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finnagan View Post
    I just want that darn Faerie Dragon mount already! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTDWi8G3pj0
    Better save up some dollars then!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phasma View Post
    extra bank slots.
    would pay a considerable amount for these. Or more Void Storage. Or bigger bags. Or savable transmog sets without keeping the gear.

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    fun ideas that will probably never happen: a mount that buffs you with full raid buffs besides flasks, or a mount with a mage with portals.

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    I really do wish the goblin hot-rod was available to players.

    Perhaps a Breaking Bad meth RV. The sides fold down and there's not only a portal back to your faction capital, but bankers / ah / repair / etc vendors step out with gas masks on, and set up tents.

    /ok, or maybe not.
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    I'd love a mount that has an NPC that could do pretty much everything. Sort of an all-in-one transmog, upgrade, reforge and vendor/repair NPC. Should be fairly easy to implement - Just add a menu to chose between the options.

    The thing that annoys me is that the vendors on the mounts are not upgraded to current content so they are less useful after each expansion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crennox View Post
    A mount that can fit a 10 man group of raiders to fly to their raid. Yes, I see it coming.

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    A giant flying bison that whoever rides it is the last air bender and the avatar team is a vendor a transmog guy a reforger a money bag and free loot mount. Gives current heroic xxxxxforged gear 2/2 upgraded. Can carry 25 people.
    Best mount ^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phasma View Post
    Mount with extra bank slots. *Cough*
    This would be amazing for those of us that are bad hoarders.
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