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    Inscription or Alchemy?

    Hi all,

    I levelled an alt rather quickly and therefore without skilling any profession. I don't raid, just LFR and will try Flex if possible, so I don't need to min/maxing anything! I'm a Holy Paladin, btw.

    I decided I'll train Blacksmith because I don't have any toon with that profession. I'll probably just use the new Ghost Iron way.

    About the second profession, I would gladly pick up the cheaper one between Alchemy and Inscription.
    I read you can just convert Ink of Dream to the lesser ones and therefore skill up by using just MoP's herbs. Is it wise? Or is Alchemy just less expensive?

    Any hint is welcome

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    Inscription is cheaper BY FAR but not much of a money earner IMO

    Leveling up Alchemy is a fucking pain cause of the amount of different lowbie herbs you need while inscription you can get any herb and mill them and level up super fast.

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    Having leveled both, inscription will be cheaper, but alchemy, with the trillium bar and living steel transmutes, will compliment your blacksmithing and make you more gold in the long run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guzacon View Post
    I read you can just convert Ink of Dream to the lesser ones and therefore skill up by using just MoP's herbs
    Not 100% sure on this so someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there's a minimum skill level requirement to create inks from pigments. Like skill level 500 to create Ink of Dreams from Shadowy Pigment IIRC. That means if you only want to use MoP herbs, you'd need someone else to create inks for you, and then you'd be able to trade them for lesser inks. And come to think of it; can you even mill MoP herbs at low skill levels or is there a min skill lvl required there too...?

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    Spartans what is your profession??

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    I forgot to add that I already have a max level scribe who would trade all necessary inks at the vendor

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