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    Blood DK Tier Bonus For leveling

    I was wondering if Mythic Tier 16 gear is better then Mythic Warforged non-Tier gear for leveling to 100? (IE does the set bonus become useless?)

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    Go with the highest Ilvl gear in each slot, the raw str and other stats will help you kill faster, you wont need the set bonuses for lvl'ing.

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    Leveling as Blood is a thing now? We don't have to slum it as Frost/Unholy anymore?

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    since tanks should be able to do around 75%? the dps of a dps class, tank should be good to go. you can also pull more Mobs while keeping yourself alive easily so why not^^

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    I leveled as Blood in MoP pretty quickly, should be doing more damage now than i was back then so i don't see any problems leveling as Blood.
    Slighty less DPS than Frost/Unholy but i can pull more and not have to worry, which could work out faster.

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