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    Mosh pit issues

    So, I've been doing achievements, and as a blood dk I've been soloing the soloable ones.

    but this one is driving me crazy. I literally marked all 8 of the defenders skull - star. watched him spin them all around.

    When it says combination, does that mean I need to be in there for it to count?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinra1 View Post
    I've been trying to level my warlock for well over a year now and I've only just hit level 60. There's something very difficult about their playstyle right from the get go. Surely it can't just be me? Is there any chance that the devs can streamline the class. Their resource system is also difficult to maintain as well.

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    The achi has been bugged since day 1, i dont remember how i got it but i bet it was just wierd luck

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    Well, on the achievement it says players and defenders, not or.
    I believe it was hotfixed a long time ago to have it so a player has to be in it, originally it was just the defenders, making it too easy I guess?

    So yeah, hop in before it ends so you don't risk possibly dying I guess if it's even a threat.
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