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    On my realm (silvermoon eu) sha crystals crashed like FUCK. -70% price drop in 24 hours. I don't know what the hell happened.
    I think it's the welfare epics for justice points. It's a high pop server
    A new alt on timeless isle will rake in >20 epics in about an hour. It can only really be done once per toon, but that's your answer.

    Now is a good time to stockpile, because after the initial rush, there's going to be fewer alts running chests for free purps.

    It is really a buy low sell high moment.

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    Enchants made with Sha Crystals are the ones that haven't moved for me at all;

    However Spirit Dust became so inflated on one realm I was making more profit selling it as it.
    Some basic enchants were selling for over 100g profit on my alt realm as long as they didn't use sha crystals.

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