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    Red face A nearly ancient discovery in my quest log made me happy yesterday.

    I just got my Hand of A'dal Title.

    Hell yes. Still got the quest in my log on my classic priest Kimsy (look her up on EU-Khaz'goroth if you like). But I decided not to check if the Quest ID was the old one (since they exchanged the rewarding quest with a new Quest, and obviously a new ID).
    I was VERY depressed when the title didn't pop up upon completion. Later on I figured that I was missing the whole Akama questline ... lols.

    Such a good feeling to get rewarded for something I didn't complete 5 years ago.
    Thank god I totally forgot about the Quest in my log. I heard from people who cancelled their quest ...

    Thanks for reading.

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    Hooray for forgotten alts (^^_)

    I still have that quest from Oondasta still chilling in my log.
    The blank developers quests
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    I've been trying to level my warlock for well over a year now and I've only just hit level 60. There's something very difficult about their playstyle right from the get go. Surely it can't just be me? Is there any chance that the devs can streamline the class. Their resource system is also difficult to maintain as well.

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    Oh my.. Now I want to check my alts on my not active account

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    Daaaang, I had the Tabard of The Protector quest on my Paladin in Wrath, But I never acted on it.
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    Reminds me of when I got that Spirit of the Competition pet on my warrior back in BC and never looked at that character again. That is, until late last year when I logged back on and noticed I had forgotten to actually click and learn the pet. Needless to say, I got a ton of whispers wondering how I got it suddenly. Some good, many negative with many insults thrown my way. LOL. Good times. I logged on just now to check other things and I'm still on the attunement quest that was taken out of the game for Kara. I don't think I can complete it. lol!
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    This reminds me, does anyone have the attunement quest for BT still that gives Hand of Adal? If so, I wonder if it's still shareable. I was on the last part when that patch hit and dropped it since you couldn't get the title anymore only to find out a few days later if you had the old quest it'd let you still get it =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucetia View Post
    This reminds me, does anyone have the attunement quest for BT still that gives Hand of Adal? If so, I wonder if it's still shareable.
    OMG this is an awesome idea. Please someone say it works, and if it does, please share with me! PST!

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    Its not shareable. Still got it on one of my paladins and I cant share it.
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    Wow. I went back through some of my toons and found one with this quest, too. Just got my Hand title. Thanks for reminding me!!

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    I still have the quest to go speak to Jaina in Theramore after that leg of the Defias quest.

    The port still works XD

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    I have a quest to deliver 3 old WSG marks on an alt ^^ From Vanilla

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