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    Crystal of insanity ?

    there is an item that increases all my stats by 500, will it be better than the intellect flask for raiding ??

    im an affliction lock and my sims show that haste and mastery are x2 worth intellect

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    It only increases your main stats, IE. Strength, Intellect, etc. So using a regular flask is definitely preferrable.
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    It is inferior to traditional flasks for raiding, but being non-consumable is appealing for other content where the bonus would be welcome but not worth a flask.

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    only affects int str agi stam spirit
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    It's 500 to all primary stats, non consumable, has a 15 minute CD, and does not persist through death.

    vs. 1000 to your main stat, and persists through death.
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    It is good for Healers +500 int and +500 spirit but you still need a flask if you wipe and it is in cd

    Better a flask for everyone else
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    thought it was secondary stats

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    thought it was secondary stats
    that would be way op if it was secondary's lol. most everyone would need it
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    I literally die every time i see people using literally wrong.

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    Still love it - great free re-usable that just makes you stronger and has no cost.

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    Yeah its great for flex or lfr or just questing, but for progression or even just normal (at least for a while) mode raiding you want flasks.

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    its good for lolferalbears too, 15min cd and clearing on death makes it pretty annoying, though

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