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    Norushen Flex orbs?

    So we ran Norushen on Flex last night, and the number of orbs was really weird. We had about 23 people and had 3 orbs, then went down to 20 people and had 4 orbs. Is there supposed to be a specific amount of orbs for a specific amount of people?

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    I know with 13 and below there's 2 orbs and 14 to XX is 3 orbs. What you claim doesn't seem accurate to me and I'm thinking you miscounted, no offense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aggixx View Post
    It's supposed to scale, but apparently it doesn't do so very well. I've done it with ~13 people and we had 2 orbs as well as 25 where we had 5.
    That sounds exactly how it's supposed to be.

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    Bah, deleted my post since it didn't add much after mistahwilshire's and then you quoted me =P

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    We did with 12 people and got 3 orbs.

    In another run we got 2 and at a certain point they simply stopped appearing (I ended the fight still with 75% corruption)
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    We had 2 orbs regardless of the number of people.

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    Aye , we also had 2 orbs all the time.

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    I'm like 99% sure I didn't miscount, the first run we didn't even talk strat, we only started up the encounter so I could see how many orbs. I was planning on 2, saw we had three. We wiped, then some people left. I assumed we'd still have 3, planned for 3 people to go in first, then started it up, and we had 4.

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    With 12 people we had 2 orbs, though our paladin claimed he saw 3, but I saw only 2...
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    We had ~20 people on our attempts, and had 3-4 orbs. I just thought it was someone going in as soon as the orbs were up, rather than waiting for their group to get called

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