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    [Question] Did the Pandarian even know Timeless isle existed?

    I was wondering this for a while, It's understandable that we haven't seen the isle yet.
    But i was wondering if the pandarian's didn't know about the isle aswell. The main reason i wanted to know this, because there are alot of pandas with status on the isle right now. So it feels like it's new for them too.

    Or does the pandarian know about isle for a while now?
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    Shaohao knew of it, as did the Celestials since it's their hangout place. Some Yaungol seemed to know of it as well so probably safe to assume anyone associated with the Celestials and holding "top clearance" knew of it.
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    I think a lot of them knew about it but thought of it more of a myth or a story.

    Lost in the timelines showing up and disappearing, I imagine most didn't believe it actually existed and it was just a story to tell the kids.

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    Its one of those things that certain ppl knew about, but the commons didnt really care about until its up. Kinda like how most Americans/Europeans dont really care anything about Kahzakistan. Its there, but most ppl will be like "wut?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    I was wondering this for a while, It's understandable that we haven't seen the isle yet.
    But i was wondering if the pandarian's didn't know about the isle aswell. The main reason i wanted to know this, because there are alot of pandas with status on the isle right now. So it feels like it's new for them too.

    Or does the pandarian know about isle for a while now?
    Some of them did in the past. But the island appears and disappears randomly into the timestream, and it only recently re-appeared. That's why so many pandaren are surprised to see it now.

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    When you get on the isle and talk with npc's, they state that in the past the Celestials also tested champions/armies there.
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    Not unil Blizz made it Im afraid

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    "The Timeless Isle, so named because it exists in a state of perpetual sunset, was once a place of great reverence for the pandaren."
    So the Pandaren once knew about it, whether that's relatively recent or ages ago is unclear.

    What I find a far more interesting way to look at the isle though, is the rest of that blog post:

    "It was here that trials of wisdom, hope, strength, and fortitude took place in front of the great Celestials . . . where warriors and aspiring leaders would show their willingness to walk in the footsteps of the great Emperor, Shaohao."
    "But one day, the island vanished. Some scrolls indicate that the Timeless Isle has come and gone throughout history—sometimes just a glimmer in the distance, often appearing in different locations. Some less fortunate adventurers dared step foot on the island during these moments and were just as quickly lost to the Timeways, never to be seen again.

    Now—and perhaps only for a moment—the island has returned."
    Where does the isle come from? It was used as trial grounds for the Celestials, but they didn't create it (if they did, I'd assume they have control over it, they don't seem like they'd create an island that could go missing at any moment, losing many 'less fortunate adventurers' in the process. Also, did the Celestials ever get stuck on the Isle? They're there right now, along with the vast majority of important Pandarian - and some non-Pandarian- lore figures (Celestials, Wrathion, Taran Zhu, Anduin, Lorewalker Cho, the Alliance admiral, most of Halfhill, several other important questgivers). Are they putting themselves and possibly the entire continent at risk if the Isle suddenly disappears again? The last line of that blogpost indicates that there's no way to know when it'll happen, yet the Celestials seem to have no problem with using it for trials as they apparently always have.

    Does the Isle have anything to do with the recent "return" of Emperor Shaohao (in some sort of - timeless? - spirit form, even though he lived and ruled about 10,000 years ago)?

    What about the appearance at different locations? Is it possible that the rest of Azeroth has seen the Isle off its coast at some point in time? In fact, since there's no indication of this in-game, we can assume that this is not the case, so why not? What gives the isle its preference for Pandaria, and if it constantly appears in different locations, why does it have this specific Jade Forest-like style (with some Townlong Steppes elements, although that's mostly from the Yaungol-made buildings so not that relevant)?

    edit: More questions, even though they probably won't be answered (do people even know of the existence of this Lore forum?)... I just happened to talk to some NPC's on the Isle, and noticed something else...
    Here's part of Kairoz' (the BDF [Bronze Dragonflight] 'representative' on the Isle) response:
    "Just look at this place! An entire ecology secluded, cut off from all known timelines! It is rare for one such as I to be surprised by, well, anything really."
    The isle is 'cut off from all known timelines', but what does that mean? It has been seen in this timeline, our timeline before, according to the Pandaren and the Celestials. It seems very unusual for a Bronze dragon to be surprised by anything, as Kairoz himself even mentions. Yet the existence of this isle has been known for a long time by Pandaria's inhabitants. That brings up another question:
    Did the BDF even know of the existence of Pandaria? There is, as far as I can recall, no BDF presence on Pandaria itself, so either they already knew of it (which would make sense, considering they already existed when Pandaria split off from the rest of the world before the implosion of the Well of Eternity), or they didn't, which raises the question, why did they not investigate a continent that had been unknown to the BDF for apparently the entire duration of world history? - the BDF being the ones who keep track of just about everything in Azeroth's history.

    This leaves the BDF knowing about Pandaria as the more likely option (and most likely, they just didn't tell anyone in order not to mess with timelines). If they did, and the inhabitants of Pandaria knew of the existence of the Timeless Isle, then why didn't the BDF also know? An isle that has a unique, indescribable relation with time, and has shown up in the past (of the timeline Azeroth is taking place in) as well, should certainly be something the BDF has investigated already. Yet that is not the case, so does 'cut off from all known timelines' mean some sort of BDF-only memory wipe (and if so, to what benefit, considering they could just learn about it from Pandaren again)?
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